Straight shooting vs ducking and weaving

Caption: “Terrorism”? I prefer to think of it as “Non-Threatening Religious Enthusiasm”.

In the wake of the Islamic terror atrocity du jour, the biggest challenge for the Islamic community and their appeasers always seems to be how to control the narrative.

Forget about tackling extremism. Forget about apologising for the constant stream of violence from within their ranks. What really frets the Islamophile wing is: how can we make this about US?

Unlike the procession of mealy-mouthed apologists we?ve been cursed with for years, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was refreshingly blunt: Quote:

?Here in Australia, we would be kidding ourselves if we did not call out the fact that the greatest threat of religious extremism in this country is the radical and dangerous ideology of extremist Islam,? Mr Morrision said. End of quote.

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews, after first channelling Islamist Sadiq Khan by mumbling about how ?we all?have to accept that violent extremism is part of a contemporary Australia?, rallied behind the prime minister. Quote:

?What we saw yesterday was an act of terror…radical, violent extremist Islam that opposes our very way of life?. End of quote.

The Islam brigade and their camp-followers must have been seriously alarmed at the way the narrative was spinning out of control. Politicians were actually starting to tell the truth for once. The way things were going, people might actually start drawing a link between escalating terrorist violence, Islam, and mass Muslim immigration. The good ol? Nothing To Do With Islam routine wasn?t going to wash this time.

But you have to hand it to the Islamist lobby: they?re quicker on their feet than a jihadi with a butcher?s knife. It only took the next day for the Islamists and their lefty sycophants to hit on a strategy to distract attention from this week?s Islamic atrocity. Just shout: Look! Over there! Domestic violence!

The relevance of domestic violence to Islamic terror isn?t exactly clear. Of course, there are Muhammad?s clear instructions on just how Allah wants believers to slap around the missus, but it probably wouldn?t do to talk about that.

Alleged ?counter-terrorism expert? Anne Aly went from studying English Literature, Acting, and Education to a PhD thesis about how meany ol? unbelievers get so unreasonably upset about Islamic terrorism. Ever since Anne has remained true to form, and this week is no exception.

Jihad Annie started off bleating about ?dividing communities? because apparently repeatedly trying to blow up, run down and hack to death unbelievers isn?t divisive, but getting a bit antsy with the allahu ackbar brigade is just unacceptable. Apparently, it?s just lie down and think of Muhammad, you filthy kuffars.

Having dealt the bog-standard, ?Muslims are the real victims here? tactic, Aly then launched into the Distraction gambit. Quote:

?Yes, violent jihadism has been the predominant aspect of the religious wave of terrorism (of) the last 40 years or so (but) is it the biggest threat here in Australia in terms of violence and victims of violence? The biggest victims of violence in Australia aren?t victims of violent terrorism, they are victims of domestic violence. End of quote.

This is flat-out untrue. If Anne wants to go down that road, the biggest victims of violence in Australia are men. 247 people were killed in Australia last year: 70% of them were men.

But, in trying to distract attention from the victims of Islamic terror, Aly made a curious slip that seems to have escaped the notice of the rest of the media. Quote:

Dr Aly said Mr Morrison had also missed an important distinction between cognitive extremism and behavioural extremism. ??being extreme doesn?t always necessarily lead to violence,? she said.

??We also have examples of people who are extreme, who we may consider holding extreme beliefs, extreme world views who have never become violent.? End of quote.

In other words, as survey data also shows, for every violent jihadi, there are many, many more Muslims in Australia who sympathise with them.

But the dodging and blame-shifting wasn?t over.

The Australian National Imams? Council went straight into High Dudgeon mode. After some mealy-mouthed platitudes about a ?deranged individual?, the Koran-thumpers are ?outraged?, because the prime minister had dared tell the truth, and drawn the connection between Islam and Islamic terrorism.

Instead of apologising to the rest of Australia for the actions of their own, the group whose president had prayed for jihadists, and whose Mufti hangs out with Hamas, demanded an apology for their hurty feelings.