Succulent secrets from behind the scenes: Three

Today’s post explores the third in a series of behind the scenes secrets that go into making Whale Meat the restaurant quality meat that you enjoy.

Behind the scenes secret number three:

Bacon cooking


Sick of Supermarket bacon? We have all seen the soupy bacon in our fry pan and it isn?t appealing. We love our bacon here at Whale meat, and so do our fans.

Whale Meat Bacon is delicious.

Firstly, it is smoked in an actual smoke oven with our special mix of Kanuka and Manuka wood chips.

Secondly, we don’t inject water to improve profits by increasing product weight. Whale Meat relies on you eating more bacon to increase our profitability! Whale Meat supplies you the old favourite Streaky and also the new kid on the block Eye bacon, which gives you?more bacony goodness for your money.

Whale Meat?s favourite saying is – You fry our bacon you don?t boil it!

Whale Meat Company customer photo

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