Such wanton wastage

When I went to school, which admittedly was a long time ago, we were taught and learnt the method for doing stuff, like solving equations or writing essays or making milk bottle carriers in metalwork.? But then the Americans muscled in on our language and nowadays we cannot use the method, we must use the methodology.

Back in the day the suffix ‘-ology’ meant “the study of”. For example, the study of some branch of science: biology, geology, and so forth, but methodology does not seem to mean the study of method, it just means the same as good old plain ‘method’.

Every time method is unnecessarily replaced with methodology, two ohs, one el, one gee and one why is wasted.

What happens to these wasted letters?? They cannot be recycled as there is no known technology or methodology method currently available to recycle letters.? So they either end up in landfill where they take who knows how many years to break down, or they are washed out to sea and choke turtles, or the UV breaks them down into micro-letters and they are eaten by little critters and microbes and end up in the food chain.? The long-term effect on human health from these micro-letters has yet to be established.

Surely it is better to stop these unnecessary letters at the source.

Whilst on the topic of unnecessary letters; what about all the signage that is now so common?? Back in my day, we had signs to inform the populace; but the Yanks got in the act once again and now we cannot hold any event or do anything without the appropriate signage, especially where health and safety are involved.

Once again, three superfluous letters unnecessarily entering the waste stream.

Not only are letters being wasted on methodology and signage, but there also seems to be a current rash of wasting the letters pee, are, and ee by pre-attaching them to anything and everything which usually results in a completely redundant prefix.

If you warn someone about something, you are telling them ahead of time what to expect under certain conditions.? That makes sense. So what do you do when you pre-warn someone?

Could not Hollywood have simply warned us?

When you think about something you intend to do in the future and decide on a course of action you plan something.? So at what stage do you pre-plan the process?

I have wondered for some time exactly how packaged food differs from pre-packaged.

Multiply by the number of packs in the supermarket times the number of supermarkets and you can see that the wastage of letters in New Zealand alone is staggering.

Surely it is time New Zealand led the world in this matter?

In the past when one planned a holiday, say a trip to Aus, one would simply book a flight, purchase a ticket, and select and pay for any in-flight options like entertainment or food.

Now whilst pre-planning your trip it seems that you need to pre-book your ticket which you must pre-pay after having pre-selected all the add-ons you wish to pre-purchase.? ?Once aboard your pre-prepared meal will be pre-warmed before being served.

Would the meals taste better or worse if they were simply prepared and warmed?