Targeting ‘angry, old men’

Angry, old muppets

I’m loathe?to get involved in the abortion debate but when I viewed the headline ?None of your business, men? being the opinion of Lynda Hallinan in her ?Stuff? column, I became quite irritated. Her area of ‘expertise’ is gardening so I was rather surprised when I read this quote embedded in her column.

Jacinda Ardern signalled her intention to change the law, arguing that abortion is a women’s health issue and “shouldn’t be a crime” ? and, really, who could argue with that? I’ll tell you who: angry old men who phone radio talkback shows. end quote.

I know the abortion debate has been well and truly aired so I won’t go there except to declare my stance which is to support the unborn child’s rights. It is not an illness until the unborn child is killed. That child was alive until it died of an illness inflicted by others. To claim that it is a woman’s health issue is, in the main, incorrect; not when they can pass the baton onto a healthy unborn child; and kill it. This then becomes a major health issue for the child.

However, to state?that it is none of my business to have an opinion on this subject is the height of arrogance. It appears to be the standard template of feminism these days to target ?angry old men?. They are targeting the group within society who they fear most.

Old men are also wise men; most are anyway? and there is a concerted effort to shut us down. As long as I have breath, I will expose the ignorance fuelled by the arrogance of these many socialist play-bunnies masquerading as enlightened messiahs. These are the same women who wept over stranded whales and vigorously demanded the protection of the West Coast snails and who, in the same breath, demand the right to kill unborn children.

None of men’s business you say? Have we got news for you. As long as parliament and the MSM give you oxygen we will monitor your pompous swagger of self righteousness until the next wave of angry old men take over the truncheon and we will never stop, I promise you.


by George