Tasmania: Why do we keep electing these muppets?

Caption: Coming soon to change rooms everywhere in Tasmania.

Tasmania has long endured being the butt of Mainlander?s scorn. If you Kiwis get tired of the sheep-shagging jokes, you can well imagine how we Vandemonians feel about the tired ?two-headed? jokes.

But, to be fair, too often we bring it on ourselves. It’s not as if Tasmania, with its relatively small and isolated population, doesn’t face enough natural challenges without creating more for ourselves by electing absolute muppets.

In part, that?s because of the oddities of our electoral system. Like New Zealand, we have a wackadoodle voting system that almost no-one else uses, and which tends to favour minor parties, who then get to foist their crazy obsessions on a public who never wanted them.

The passing of same-sex marriage law in Australia means that Tasmania has to amend its births, deaths and marriage registration legislation: and the whackos have struck again. Quote:

Tasmania is poised to become [the] first state to make it optional to include gender on birth certificates, but the prime minister has slammed the push as “ridiculous”.

Landmark transgender rights reforms, put forward by the Labor opposition and the Greens, passed the Tasmanian lower house late on Tuesday night.

The changes were passed against the state government’s wishes by the casting vote of rogue Liberal Speaker Sue Hickey, who voted against her party.

They’ve been hailed by transgender right groups but Scott Morrison and religious groups have voiced opposition. End of quote.

Not just ?religious groups?. Many Tasmanians are furious that a tiny clique of radical activists have hijacked parliament to force through these sinister changes, which go far beyond just removing gender from birth certificates. Talkback radio has been flooded with angry calls, and social media, such as the popular Tasmania Talks Facebook page is bursting with outraged Tasmanians, venting their frustration at an Orwellian bill that none of them ever voted for. Quote:

The legislation allows people aged 16 or older to change the gender on their birth certificate by filling out a statutory declaration. End of quote.

Just by filling out a simple form, any man can legally become a woman, with legal access to women?s only spaces. No other proof needed. A form with just eight lines to fill in will mean that any fully-anatomically male can access women?s change rooms, showers, shelters, and so on.

Even worse, the legislation proposes exactly the same changes that Jordan Peterson fought against in Canada: criminalising the refusal to use tranny activists? made-up pronouns. Just expressing the opinion that a bloke in a dress is not a woman will become a prosecutable offence. Quote:

“These changes will make people, who we should all care about, feel happier, safer and more included,” [Greens leader Cassy] O’Connor told parliament. End of quote.

Unless you?re an actual woman, who doesn?t find the prospect of sharing a public shower with a hulking dude with a fully-functioning penis all that safe and inclusive but who cares what women think? This is all about pandering to mentally ill men.

What could possibly go wrong?