TERF wars

NZ Herald columnist Rachel Stewart

Rachel Stewart has written a really great column in a Newspaper about TERFs.? What the heck is a TERF?? Quote.

[?] TERF stands for ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminist’ and is used as a way of denigrating any woman who questions the current craze of people ? overwhelmingly men – who say they were born into the wrong body.

Basically, it’s a derogatory and offensive label and is used to shut down debate on the fraught subject of transgender rights.

Just a cursory glance on social media quickly provides enough evidence to prove it’s anything but a neutral term ? as users often claim. It’s common to see slogans like “Kill all TERFs”, and who’re often described as Nazis, fascists and bigots. end quote.

Here are a few examples of the hate that has rained down on her today simply because she doesn’t agree with the proposed legislation.? This one from Auckland Peace Action: ?Quote:

Full solidarity with our trans comrades who are dealing with the storms of hate being whipped up by the likes of Stewart.? End of quote.

I didn’t read one single hateful thing said by Rachel Stewart in her column.? Storms of hate?? Get real.

Here’s another from The Aunties:? Quote:

You deserve to exist.? I celebrate your existence.? I adore you being in my life.? You have paid so much to still be here.? Thank you for everything you do, everything you are.? And fuck Rachel Stewart.? End of quote.

She’s even compared to the Ku Klux Klan – this from The NonPlastic Maori.? Quote:

Ku Klux Klan are very passionate about human rights.? They just happen to believe POC (persons of colour) are subhuman.? Much the same as TERFs believing they are here for women’s rights. #SupremacistBedfellows #TranswomenAreWomen ? End of quote.

All of which just proves her point, that she is being abused simply because she doesn’t agree with the new law being proposed, and she’s speaking up about it.

She goes on to talk about the proposed law and explains why she is uncomfortable with it. quote.

Under the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill, the proposed law will see adults (over 18) apply to the Register-General to have their nominated sex registered by specifying they want to be female, male, intersex (neither male nor female) or X.

Daring to question this, I’m now regularly referred to as a TERF. Boxed up, compartmentalised, and considered fair game by those who enjoy hunting in packs online.

It’s fatuous because I’m neither trans-exclusionary or a radical feminist so, technically, it’s false. Except, the transactivists, most of whom are not trans, spit the word in your online face with such venom it causes one to reel at the mere sight of their dripping fangs.? [?]

[?] So, to hear Labour MP Louisa Wall use the word in a public (media excluded) meeting was enough to make me reach for my snake gators. She said, “My whole thing is I don’t want any f***ing TERFs at the Pride Parade.” end quote.

Ah the old hypocrisy chestnut, expecting inclusion when it suits, and demanding exclusion when someone doesn’t agree with them. quote.

[?] Under the proposed new law, a man can call himself a woman without ever medically transitioning (most never do) and insert himself in female-only spaces such as changing rooms, women’s refuges, and prisons. Women would have absolutely no legal recourse to challenge such a move.? End of quote.

That is both frightening and completely bonkers at the same time.

Why the heck are we evening considering such a stupid law?? Quote.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be locked up alone in a cell all night with a hairy, muscly, sex-starved inmate of either gender ? but particularly one with his full kit and caboodle intact.

Neither would I want my six-year-old niece to see a grown male stranger naked in the changing rooms at her local swimming centre. Why shouldn’t she be able to have a male-free space? And me too?

How about Laurel Hubbard competing straight-faced as a female in weightlifting? And all those other athletes around the world winning hands down against biological women? Is it fair to females, who’ve often trained their whole lives, only to come second to a biologically stronger athlete – no matter how they identify?

Gender critical feminists like me also question the use of hormone blockers, or the taking of testosterone, by children as young as five.

Parents, wanting to be best friends with their kids, are taking their son’s fixation with dolls as evidence that he’s really wanting to be female. In the UK alone, the number of kids being referred to the NHS’ gender-service unit has risen by 2,500 per cent over the past nine years.[?] end quote.

Still haven’t found any hate directed at anyone, just rational debate. quote.

[?] In the meantime, I believe all human beings ? including trans people ? deserve human rights and respect. What I don’t believe is why anyone questioning the obvious dangers lurking within the proposed new law, should equate to them not being afforded the same.

Calling women TERFs is disrespectful, and Louisa Wall knows it.? End of quote.

It’s completely crazy that after all the years women spent pushing for equality, we’re not even allowed to question or debate a law which could put women in harm’s way.

We have every right to respectfully voice our opinion on this.