‘Thanks, thanks for helping to put us into government’

This is the greeting from the prime minister to delegates at the Labour Party conference this weekend.

No mention of Winston Peters who is arguably the real reason Cindy was propelled into government but she is telling delegates what they want to hear.? Cindy is very good at being economical with the truth, otherwise known as half truths, and making the most of an occasion.

Labour Party Conference 2018 Dunedin

The Otago Daily Times reports on the prime minister?s opening address.? Quote.

[Cindy] reeled off a long list of reforms her Government has enacted in its first year in office – “I’m very proud of that list, but also a little bit exhausted by it as well.” End of quote.

Yes, yes, you’ve concocted a list of “reforms” which is really a wish list, not all are achieved reforms.

One achievement that we did not want was to abolish charter schools. Nice work in preventing Maori and Pacific Island students from a shot at succeeding in an alternative education system better suited to their needs.? It certainly hasn’t been missed that your’re now asking for creative education ideas.? Really?

Other ?reforms? are the setting up of over a hundred working groups and KiwiBuild.? Nothing positive achieved yet on these fronts.

The real reason for exhaustion could be that baby Neve still needs her nightly breast feeds, but that’s not something delegates need to hear.

Of course, there is no mention of the failures of her ministers to adequately perform their duties: Claire Curran, Meka Whaitiri and now Iain Lees-Galloway who stumbled just in time to put the conference under a dark cloud. Oh dear, who’s next?

Not to worry, the prime minister wheels out baby Neve as a happy little distraction and presses on to the good stuff.? Quote.

“There is much more to do to make our economy more sustainable and to better spread prosperity to all.” End of quote.

A sustainable economy means building a resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive industrialisation and fostering innovation ? none of these appears to have received any attention so far, nor are they likely to.

As for spreading prosperity to all, our ailing economy will soon make sure that there isn’t any prosperity left to share.? After distributing the previous government’s nest egg and killing off the golden geese by neglect, there will be no more golden eggs.

A hallmark of this government is not earning money, it is spending it.

Another hallmark of this government?s leadership which was flaunted at their conference is half-truths and empty promises.

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