The advantages of following Canada’s Cannabis example: Part one

Whilst debate continues on all aspects of the topic of legal cannabis in New Zealand, too often the topic is centred on the extreme examples of worst case scenarios. Rarely are the benefits and downstream possibilities ever discussed or explored, which ultimately results in only about half of the total equation ever being discussed in any meaningful public debate.

In this post, I hope to explore some of the phenomenal possibilities available for the taking should, one day, a New Zealand government be progressive enough to create opportunity. Organic, healing opportunities by legalising the organic cannabis plant.

Certainly, there are all manner of topics and issues to be considered and debated around this plant. This post does not aim to address any of them, rather only to highlight some of the downstream possibilities, should we follow Canada?s example of making cannabis completely legal.

Firstly, it could be taxed and regulated and very easily so. I envision ?collection stations? for growers to get their medicine to, with each ?lot? measured for quantity, quality and potency, and at the regulated dollar value per quantity and potency, paid accordingly. All electronically done and traceable. The entire commercial industry could then be controlled and regulated through this buyer/seller system, with taxation paid, collected, and sent to Treasury directly, by way of a tax deduction from the bank handling the buyer’s payment to the?seller.

Only fully known and identified ?sellers/farmers? with specific bank accounts could sell, and to only those collection stations. Only those collection stations could buy from sellers and farmers with those specific bank accounts. The bank would 20% of the amount going into those bank accounts paid from those collection stations and forward it directly to the government, less 50c for their costs per transaction of course.

Regulated, tax paid and collected, electronically, instant, traceable, without an army of clipboard-wielding bureaucrats to administer the tax collection. It would look something similar to like how dairy farmers are paid now, based on butterfat content X volume X quality

If ever there was a new industry screaming out to be created and as a handy industry to replace hydrocarbon royalties, it is an ideal, organic, medicinal replacement.

Overnight, all the unemployed in far-flung corners of New Zealand would have the ability to generate an income, from home, legally. The more self-motivated they were, the more income they could grow. With all taxes done and paid for when the grower received their payment. Vast parts of the Coromandel peninsula and the Far North could then rejoin the legal economy. Iwi could provide job opportunities for all.

**Part two tomorrow


by Blokeintakapuna

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