The All Blacks are sissies

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All inclusive All Blacks

Stuff ?reports: quote.

The All Blacks have become the latest rugby team to say they will be wearing rainbow laces in their boots this weekend in a show of support for Gareth Thomas after the former Wales captain was the victim of an anti-gay attack.

Thomas, who announced in 2009 he is gay, recorded a video last weekend saying he was assaulted in Cardiff in “a hate crime for my sexuality”. He had bruises on his face in the video. end quote.

I’m really sorry to hear that. It is a disgrace that he was attacked like this, particularly because of his sexual orientation. That is nobody’s business but to downgrade the All Blacks brand because of this is… well, it is just not cricket.

And it is definitely not rugby. quote.

The All Blacks end their season on Saturday (Sunday NZ Time) against Italy in Rome and at the captain’s run for the test Kieran Read said the side wanted to show their “solidarity” for Thomas.

“It’s great,” Read said. “Hopefully most of the lads will be wearing the rainbow laces and I think it’s just showing solidarity within world rugby and from us as New Zealanders and All Blacks to show support for that community.” end quote.

No. It is not great. It is dreadful. While we can all sympathise with Gareth Thomas, this is not the way to do it.
Rugby is a tough game. Our top players are heroes because of it. No one will ever forget the great Buck Shelford for continuing to play with a torn testicle. (I’ll bet that story still makes most men’s eyes water.) It is the stuff of legend. As Tana Umaga once said, this isn’t tiddleywinks but the game is being turned into tiddleywinks, one rainbow bootlace at a time.
Here is what our commenter, Rantykiwi thinks of it: quote.

Just as the poofter parade seems to be in its death throes, the All Blacks are going to wear rainbow bootlaces in support of some retired Welsh player who got meted out a bit of biffo, ostensibly for his sexual orientation. If that was the case, the hiding was unacceptable, but making a statement like this that will damage brand All Blacks is utterly ridiculous. end quote.

The All Blacks have a securely masculine image, and it is an image that is admired around the world, even if it is not politically correct to say so. There is nothing wrong with that but political correctness is eating away at a powerful brand, and very soon, it will not be powerful any more. It will be lost in the sea of political correctness that seems to be swamping absolutely everything.

I am enormously proud of our boys in black. They have an image that incorporates hard work and a fantastic team spirit. They are the ones to beat in any tournament or any game. Why do we have to spoil that in a show of inclusiveness that is being spread far and wide everywhere else anyway?