The fans spoke & Cam listened: Prime mince & bacon, available NOW

Mince definition:

  • Chopped up into small pieces
  • Short quick steps in an affected dainty manner
  • Minced meat, especially beef

At the Whale Meat Company we have been? redefining Prime beef mince, since October 2018

Prime Mince & Bacon

The Whale Meat Company

Summer is here and one of the fast and easy options for meals is The Whale Meat Company Prime Beef Mince.

Our?versatile mince turns your meals into something special.

Be inspired and make juicy?meatballs, tasty meatloaf, homemade burgers or rissoles. The only limit is your imagination.

The Whale Meat Company Prime Beef Mince is not laden with excess fat or water, it makes your recipes special!

We make life easy by vacuum packing your Whale Meat Company Prime mince into 500g bags.

Use it now or stock your freezer ready for easy meals over the Summer.

Vacuum packs also make it easy to defrost. You can thaw them in the microwave or in tepid water.

Don?t mince about!

Stock up with Prime Mince & Bacon now.

Prime Mince & Bacon contains:

  • Prime Mince (500g) x 8 packs
  • Streaky Bacon (500g) x 2 packs
  • Eye Bacon (500g) x 2 packs