The hateful, closed minds of the bigoted left rule the academy

Caption: Coming soon to a campus near you.

A Cultural Revolution is shaking the foundations of Western thought. Like Mao?s Red Guards, the black-shirted thugs of ?woke? intolerance are determined to smash the ?Olds? and bully, denounce and bludgeon everyone into straitjacketed conformity with their dogmas. They haven?t started shipping dissenters off to re-education camps yet.


Academics from Camille Paglia and Jonathan Haidt, to Niall Ferguson and Steven Pinker, have all highlighted the rise of left-wing authoritarianism on American campuses. The same mania for violently stamping out free speech and enforcing obedience to the wacky gospels of Cultural Marxism is spreading to the Antipodes. ?Dangerous? thinkers are banned from speaking in New Zealand. Australian academics react with violent outrage at the very thought of a course dedicated to Western civilisation.

The hypocrites who preach ?diversity? instead enforce uniformity. Quote:

a netherworld where a small minority of emotive academics made anti-intellectual assertions, postured endlessly about politics, obsessed about white people and were uninterested in offering their student audience alternative views.

How do I know that? Because there were no different views. As I entered a lecture room a polite man insisted I needed two bits of paper. One was a run sheet, the second an A4 paper that read ?RAMSAY NOT WELCOME AT USYD?. I asked him if there was a different sheet for people with different views. No, he said, asking me why I had come. End of quote.

Charlatans and faux-intellectual crooks scream blue murder about ?academic freedom?: by which they mean, their freedom to tell everyone else what to think. Quote:

For two hours I listened, first to nine academics and one student lined up at a long table on stage?Ten people concerned about intellectual diversity were all on the same A4 page. If you arrived with an open mind, the professors of anthropology and English, the PhD students, and lecturers from departments of history, Arabic languages, Asian cultures and Anglophone and related literature were intent on closing it down?

The academics claim a Ramsay-funded degree in Western civilisation would breach academic freedom. How so? None of these academics is forced to study the course or to teach it. No money or other resources will be taken from their departments to fund the new degree. These academics can continue to teach what they teach.

The Ramsay-funded course offers about 40 scholarships of $30,000 to smart young students. It is voluntary. Ramsay is offering a three-year degree where students study 30 of the great texts of Western civilisation, from Homer and Chaucer to Marx and Virginia Woolf. ?It?s a quantum leap from what we currently do,? says philosophy professor Peter Anstey, who has been advising the university about the new degree. A quantum leap is needed. End of quote.

Or just a dose of harsh common sense. For instance, by removing every dollar of taxpayer funding from these illiberal ninnies, who rail against ?racism?, yet, with every sentence, spout the most vicious rhetoric against one particular race and class: white males.

Hoaxers recently submitted a paper to a feminist journal: a paper which was merely a chapter of Mein Kampf with all references to ?Jews? substituted with ?white males?. The reviewers loved it. Quote:

Curious. Here was a room of people speaking freely for hours about racism. I saw no thought police from the VC?s office. Just two hours of emotive claims from ?gobsmacked? academics delivering a concentrated dose of everything that is wrong with identity politics. White: bad. Western: evil. No learning, no debate, but lots of unshakeable victimhood with words and ideas treated as a form of violence. The only censorship is their attempt to rip academic choice from students.

I walked out into the fresh evening air, bemused by academics who, inadvertently, had just made the case for why Sydney University needs a reasoned course about Western civilisation. End of quote.

But the Long March through the institutions hasn?t just conquered the universities. Wherever there?s a whiff of taxpayer funding, the Cultural Marxists will come flocking, as Orwell said, like flies to a dead cat. Quote:

And just when I thought I had safely escaped one crazy rabbit hole, I flicked on the TV and ABC?s Q&A flung me back down into another, this time with talk of Shakespeare?s whitesplaining. End of quote.