The Irish are smarter than we are


The Irish Examiner reports: quote.

The Government has affirmed its support for offshore oil and gas exploration.

In doing so, it has formally criticised a bill aimed at banning drilling, by saying it ?will do nothing? to reduce Ireland?s greenhouse gas emissions.

Addressing delegates at the Atlantic Ireland exploration conference in Dublin, yesterday, Se?n Canney ? Rural Affairs and Natural Resources junior minister ? said while fossil fuel consumption will reduce over time, Ireland will continue to need oil and gas supplies for the foreseeable future.

He said People Before Profit?s Petroleum and Other Minerals Development (Amendment) Climate Emergency Measures Bill 2018, which is currently at Oireachtas Committee stage, might be well-intentioned, but won?t help Ireland lower its emissions or levels of imported energy. end quote.

So the Irish have the same situation that we have, and have decided that they will go ahead with their offshore prospecting because to stop it will do nothing to reduce their emissions but will have an effect on their energy security. This is a decision we should have made here too.

Obviously, the Irish government do not put virtue signalling ahead of energy security, as we do here. quote.

“Instead, it proposes simply to bind us to only importing our future oil or gas needs,? he said.

The minister of state said the Government ?continues to be committed to exploration in the Irish offshore by acting innovatively and complementing the work being undertaken by industry and the research community.?

?The Government recognises that the realisation of Ireland?s offshore oil and gas resource potential can deliver significant benefits to the people of Ireland, in terms of security of supply, import substitution, and fiscal return,? Mr Canney said. end quote.

Since when were the Irish smarter and more sensible than we are? I mean, here is a picture of an Irish pencil…

When did the Irish overtake us in the common sense stakes? quote.

“Government policies in respect of climate action, energy and offshore exploration, and the application of such policies, remain unchanged,? he said, but added that the Government is committed to the transformation required to achieve a low carbon and climate resilient future.

Speaking on the sidelines of the conference, Providence Resources chief executive Tony O?Reilly said it was ?a good thing to see? a government minister affirming the relevance of oil and gas in Ireland in front of an audience of so many major industry players. end quote.

We all know that we will transition to renewable energy sources, and most people do not have a problem with this. The issue that we have is the heavy-handed approach our government has taken. Blindsiding an entire industry without consultation is an autocratic approach, particularly as the government had no idea at the time what our energy needs for the next few years would be. Ireland, by contrast, has considered all the issues carefully. While they also expect to transition to renewable energy sources, they have made the smart decision to keep their oil and gas, until such time as it is no longer necessary. And, the country will benefit financially from that decision as well.

We all knew that Jacinda’s ‘captain’s call’ to blindside the oil and gas industry was badly thought out. In fact, it was not thought out at all. It was virtue signalling. We will all pay the price of this madness. In the meantime, the Irish have seen sense. If they can see the obvious and we cannot, we really are in trouble.