The left’s toxic focus on identity politics plays into Trump’s hands [UPDATE]

Caption: Is this a red wave rolling over the land?

The left in America dream of a ?Blue Wave? sweeping across America in the mid-term elections. I suspect there will be even more tears ? delicious, salty tears ? than there were on that memorable November two years ago.

Contrary to the opinion polls in 2016, Trump was packing stadiums across the nation. Lawns flowered with Trump signs, while Hillary?s were nowhere to be seen. The same vibe is rumbling again: in just the last few days, Trump has drawn astonishing crowds to rallies that look more like Woodstock.

If the Democrats are humiliated again at the midterms ? where anything less than gaining control of both houses will be a humiliation ? they only have themselves to blame. For years, the Democrats have barely bothered with actual policies. They?ve settled instead for pandering to the cancer that is identity politics. Quote:

Identity politics has overwhelmed the Democrats and the left-liberal media in the US. The big winner continues to be Donald Trump. End of quote.

The media-left?s obsession with toxic identity politics is transparent to ordinary Americans, who just don?t care for it. Many ordinary Americans voted for Obama but walked away after eight toxic years. Milo Yiannopoulos has said that he?s never met more welcoming people than the supposedly virulently homophobic ?deplorables?. Cloistered in the incestuous bubbles of San Francisco and Brooklyn, the media-left just don?t see that they?re playing to an echo-chamber. Quote:

[Newt] Gingrich nails the failure of Clinton to build a broad coalition of voters in favour of building support from myriad grievance groups. The voters who had always voted Democrat in the mid-west were just ?the usual basket of deplorables?. Gingrich quotes gay Republican Peter Thiel: ?When I was a kid the great debate was how to defeat the Soviet Union. Now ? the great debate is about who gets to use which bathroom ? Who cares?? End of quote.

Poor, rust-belt whites aren?t going to buy vicious nonsense about ?white privilege? when they?ve been watching their living standards sink into a swamp of unemployment and opioid abuse. Quote:

Gingrich quotes from Martin Luther King?s last book, Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community: ?There are twice as many white poor as Negro poor in the United States. Therefore?I will discuss the poverty that affects white and Negro alike.? End of quote.

Even black and Hispanic voters are tiring of the Democrats? nonsense. The WalkAway movement has become a hot-button issue among non-white voters. Quote:

Even African-American and Hispanic middle-class voters are becoming suspicious of the privileg?ing of identity over prosperity. End of quote.

One good to come out of all this is that the left are now exposed for all with eyes to see. The policy field has been completely abandoned to the Republicans. Quote:

The left media?s focus on the ?alt-right? and its alleged links to Trump has left the Republicans to talk about the concerns of working-class people for a better life for their children. You don?t have to be a white supremacist to fear uncontrolled immigration. Concern for your job will do it. End of quote.

Get the popcorn ready for the mid-term results.


Well, the mid-term results are in, and as expected, the Blue Wave turned out to be a gentle ripple. The Republicans increased their majority in the Senate, and, while the Democrats retook the House of Representatives, that’s entirely traditional for a mid-term election. In fact, Trump’s losses in the Congress were significantly lower than either Clinton’s or Obama’s, or even Reagan, in their first mid-terms.

1982, Reagan: -26 House, 0 Senate;

1994, Clinton: -54 House, -8 Senate;

2010, Obama: -63 House, -6 Senate;

In fact, about the only president in living memory to do much better in their first mid-term was George W. Bush in 2002.

Controlling the Senate is crucial: not only will the Republicans be able to shoot down any Dems shenanigans in the House, they’ll also be keeping a keen eye on the Supreme Court, where at least two liberal justices could fall off the perch any day.

As for the salt, well there was plenty of weepin’ and wailin’ over the loss of Dem favourite Beto O’Rourke. Twitter user Ian Miles Cheong captured some of the hundreds of “literally shaking” reactions. Read ’em and laugh.