The Maxwell effect

The Dominion Post

The Maxwell effect is in, Joel Maxwell that is, and it’s working superbly for the Dominion Post where the unthinkable has happened; they’ve managed to increase the already-high rate of subscribers lost to the rotten rag.

Amazing, eh? Who could have predicted that giving a race-baiting drongo a half-page spiel to expectorate his drivel on a weekly basis would lead to the paper becoming even less appealing?

The ABC Audit for the October 2017-September ’18 period shows an 11.2% drop in willing buyers, but the period since Maxwell began smearing the opinion page has seen that rate increase to an annualised 14.2%, helping the Dompost to lose over 3,000 paying customers in just six months, what a hero. They now just, and only just, have their head above the critical threshold of 40,000 subscribers, helped by circulating over 1,000 free copies daily, and are on track to be a smaller paper than the Otago Daily Times (who lost just 1.3% of readers over the last six months compared to Dompost’s 7.1%) within two years as the Maxwell effect explodes in full bloom.

Of course; the clown-scribbler can’t take all the credit, the new editor (since April 2018) hurled a clutch of other vacuous, merit-void, cliche-quacking quislings, none quite as cretinous as Maxwell, into the barn alongside boring old dray-horses like Rosemary McLeod and Dave Armstrong, as well as producing a constant stream of hand-wringing, wet and spineless, editorials supporting whatever the latest #social-justice cause is.

What’s the bet that over the next year-or-so we’ll hear the cries for taxpayer support of print titles in peril grow more shrill as they insult their readers to oblivion?