The Minister for Rocks in his head

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

The Minister for Rocks in his Head continues the clueless coalition’s strangling embrace of incompetence.

When I heard this on the car wireless on the way home two nights ago, I had to pull over; I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. I fully expected this to be all over the news yesterday, yet…nothing.

With great fanfare and press release Andrew Little announced, just three days ago, the re-entry of Pike River Mine, with loads of bluster about justice, the collection of possible forensic evidence and ‘not ruling out’ criminal charges.

There is just one problem with all this. At this stage,?he has zero support from those qualified to collect that evidence!?The police have?not?agreed to take part in the farcical re-entry and have?ruled out?sending attendees to the training camp planned, while the other vital cog of evidence evaluation and testing, the ESR, has released a statement specifically stating they?will not make any personnel available for underground duties,?and furthermore: quote.

They [ESR] have formally agreed with police not to participate in scene recovery within the Pike River Mine. End quote.

So, Tova O’Brien asks, ‘Who will complete the evidence collection; Mr Little? Miners? Mr Little’s answer? (Finally, and after much obfuscation)?Yes.

This is beyond the pale and worse than ridiculous. It is beneath contempt, a complete waste of taxpayers money, and is in fact scandalous. As for any possible ‘charges’, they will be laughed out of court.

Listen to this interview on RNZ from 5’55”, and prepare to be astonished. The man is (almost) unbelievably inept.