The NZ media need to stop telling lies

One of the below headlines and photos was recently published in the New Zealand media.

All four examples have headlines that are telling blatant lies. Can you guess which three I made up and which one is actually a real photo and headline?

New Zealand’s top Wheelchair athlete gets ready for the Special Olympics

Obese Kiwi woman looks forward to becoming the latest face of Jenny Craig

Pregnant Kiwi dad-to-be getting ready to welcome first child around Christmas

Chinese tourists enjoy?their first taste of an authentic Maori?Hangi

It is quite clear from all of the photos that the headline is a lie. In the first one the sportsperson clearly can walk so she cannot possibly be a wheelchair athlete.

In the second photo, the woman is clearly not obese. In fact?on the left-hand side of the split photo, she is actually anorexic while on the right-hand side she is at a healthy weight.

The third photo is of a pregnant woman even though the headline describes her as a pregnant man.

In the final photo, the tourists are clearly not Chinese even though the headline describes them as Chinese.

What would you think of a media organisation that was prepared go along with the lie of the person or people they interviewed?

If those European tourists told the journalist that they were Chinese should he or she describe them as Chinese even though that is clearly a lie?

If the anorexic model told the journalist that she was seriously overweight and had been selected to be Jenny Craig’s new poster girl should the journalist print that story even though the story isn’t true?

If a pregnant young?woman told the journalist that she was a man and a pregnant Dad should the journalist print that story even though the story isn’t true?

If an able-bodied sportsperson claimed that they were paralysed and needed a wheelchair should a journalist print that story even though the story isn’t true?

If New Zealand journalists are going to print what people claim regardless of the facts then what is the point of journalism?

Shame on Stuff for printing this lie and enabling a confused young person’s delusions. She needs help not lies. She’s not a pregnant dad and she will never be a pregnant dad no matter how much she may want that to be the truth.

The emperor has no clothes and the media’s job should be to point that out not to claim that he is fully dressed!