The tale of the travelling cheesecake

The travelling cheesecake at Whaleoil HQ for the Staff Christmas party at a secret location in Auckland

Long-term readers may able to remember that a while ago we started a recipe of the day series and the very first one came from our wonderful writer, Deb. It was for a Turkish delight cheesecake.

There had been some banter at the time about her getting one to me via the Cook Strait Ferry as she lives in Wellington and I?live in Marlborough.

Well, I forgot completely about this and, true to her word, she and her (awesome) husband nursed two of these cheesecakes up to Auckland and I, in turn, have brought one home to my kids.

Much food is couriered all around the country every day but I don’t know if a Turkish delight cheesecake has ever travelled over a thousand kilometres in 24 hours before….or been in such strange places.

So I present to you the most well-travelled cake in the country!

(The box was a left over from the doo that I borrowed to keep “my precious” safe.

The cheesecake had a wee bit too much to drink and was almost taken advantage of

The cheesecake at one point attempted to escape in a staff member’s camper van!

The cheesecake joins me for a quiet drink at the airport as I wait for my flight home.

The cheesecake at rest on its final journey.

The cheesecake settles into its new home.

The cheesecake is put to bed.

The cheesecake meets the family

Thanks Deb!