The waiting list is growing

During the nine long years of neglect, the waiting list for a State house had dipped to 3,352 in June 2015 and then grew back past the June 2014 level (as far back as the stats go) to 5,844 in September 2017.? (All data from MSD)

Now that we have a NZ First led coalition Labour government, the number has nearly doubled in a year to 9,536.? A 63% increase in 12 months.? I guess that is the result of wiping out Child Poverty?

Who is on this list? “Housing Register represents applicants not currently in public housing who have been assessed as eligible for public housing, and who are ready to be matched to a suitable property.”

It is not simply people who feel that they might like a State House, these people have been assessed and are eligible.

The MSD breaks the data down demographically, but only from September 2015. Nevertheless, there are some interesting trends.

The major growth is in the 25 -39 year age group with 40 – 54 a close second.? That seems to make sense as 25 -39 is the typical age to start a family and need a home for them to live in.

But wait, those on the list are predominantly single, followed closely by the single parent families. Why the 36% jump in single-parent families once Labour was given power?


This graph reinforces the previous one. Single applicants, naturally, want a one-room dwelling.

Whatever happened to flatting?? Why does the government need to house so many single people?

It seems that the number of ‘families’ i.e. people who need a three bedroom house, or larger, is actually quite a manageable number. Under 2,000 of the current waiting list are families of the type normally used as examples of the crisis.

Almost half of the waiting list are waiting in Auckland.? Have any of them considered moving out of Auckland and finding a cheaper place to live?

Am I missing something here in these numbers?

Is there an explanation for this massive growth once the nine years of neglect had finished?