The winner of the Premium Whale Meat Company meat box is…

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Our new Whale Meat Company sells restaurant?quality, non-halal?Whalemeat?( made from 100% vegetarian animals).

Everyone who is a current subscriber was in the draw this evening, on Cam’s 5oth birthday, to win the delicious prize of a Whale Meat Company Meat box valued at $205

It contains

Rump Steak? (2x250g)
Sirloin Steak? (2x250g)
Scotch fillet? (2x250g)
Minute Steak (5pcs x100g) 500g
Pork Loin Roast 1kg
Lamb Leg boneless Roast 1.5kg
Ham Steaks (2x250g)
Chicken Apricot Netted Roll 1.8kg
Bratwurst Sausages? 500g


The winner of the meat box is number 671 also known as


Mr Reasonable is a?Silver annual subscriber who has been a subscriber for two years now.

We hope that he will enjoy his delicious prize and we thank him and every other Whaleoil subscriber very much for their support. We couldn’t do what we do without you; we are funded 100% by our loyal readers.

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