They don’t want human rights; they want special rights

People who suffer from mental illnesses like bulimia or anorexia have exactly the same human rights as every other human being in New Zealand. They have the right to vote, the right to public healthcare, the right to use public amenities, the right to be protected by the police, the right to marry, the right to have children etc. People suffering from anorexia and bulimia, however, have not formed a militant activist group to agitate for special rights exclusive to people suffering from their particular brand of mental illness.

They also have not teamed up to bully and harass people who think that their weight is unhealthy and who think that they need help to regulate their weight to a healthy level. They haven’t, for example, invented a word like TERF to demonise people who think that anorexic?women are putting their lives in danger or that bulimic women need help?to get to the root cause of why they gorge and then purge.

The group of people who either suffer from a mental illness or who enable mental illness that I want to talk about are the New Zealand trans activists who currently demonise and attack New Zealanders who refuse to accept their belief that a person’s biological sex can be changed by mutilating their bodies and by changing their names, pronouns and clothes.

They accuse others of transphobia?for stubbornly sticking to the truth, facts and science.


A proposed law change, currently before Parliament, would introduce the option of an “X” gender marker as well as “M” and “F” on New Zealand birth certificates. It would also add the option of “parent” as well as “mother” and “father”. (File photo)

Trans activists do not come across as reasonable when quoted in the media but more like bulldozers. They seem to see?anyone with a different?viewpoint as akin to a brick wall that needs to be demolished not debated.

Sarah Jane Parton, the spokesperson of Feminist Mothers Aotearoa, for example, in the Stuff article about proposed changes to the way gender is declared on birth certificates, said that transgender rights were not up for discussion. quote.

We’re not prepared to debate nonsense. I’m not sure what their endgame is; is it for trans people to just go away? end quote.

Transgender rights are exactly the same human rights that everyone has. Falsifying a birth certificate has NOTHING to do with human rights. Every human in New Zealand has a right to have a birth certificate but what we are currently debating is whether or not mentally ill people have a right to have an official factual document altered to reflect feelings rather than facts, thereby turning it into a fraudulent document.

The Lesbian Rights Alliance Aotearoa is against the proposed change to birth certificates saying that the change is bad for women because self-declaration of gender would put real biological women at risk because the change would make it “impossible” for women to retain the right to female-only spaces. quote.

Any male can simply declare he is female and have every legal right to use [those things]. At present, law requires a burden of proof in order to change legal sex. There is a process to ensure abusers do not take advantage of the system. end quote.

Other ‘queer advocates’ disagree, and Rachel Green, the spokesperson for the New Zealand Lesbians Social Group, has accused the Lesbian Rights Alliance Aotearoa of being “transphobic” simply because they want to protect women’s right to female only spaces.

Sarah Jane Parton, of Feminist Mothers Aotearoa, said the Lesbian Rights Alliance Aotearoa was “transphobic”.

Sarah Jane Parton has also accused the Lesbian Rights Alliance Aotearoa of being “transphobic”, stating that quote.

It’s not right to let a small group of people deny other people their rights and I don’t really see any harm that can come from the change. end quote.

She can’t see any harm? If this ‘Pregnant Kiwi Dad’ was put into a man’s prison what harm do you think would come to her and her child Ms. Parton? Her delusion that she was a pregnant man with a birth certificate to prove it would not last two seconds in a man’s prison.