They can’t give Flick the flick

October 21st I wrote an article about the electricity retailer Fick and explained why I would be giving them the flick. In my case, it was because they are proud supporters of The Spinoff Politics which has recently published yet another defamatory article about Whaleoil’s editor.

Now less than a month later 2500 customers have given Fick the flick and others are desperate to leave but are unable to do so.

Stuff explains quote.

[…] Flick said the high prices were driven by a continued outage at a gas plant and lower than usual rainfall, which meant there was lower output from the hydro lakes.

[…] The high wholesale price?was also impacting customer’s ability to ditch Flick in favour of other retailers.

Flick Electric said, “As during higher pricing periods last year, at least one retailer – Electric Kiwi – is making an individual business decision based on the appropriateness of their hedge structure and not taking on customers from all NZ spot price retailers – including us – at this time.” End quote.

A newspaper adds quote.

Electricity retailer Flick is telling customers to move on to fixed-price plans after some were hit with power bills of up to $1500 for a single week.

A Wellington boarding house owner who used Flick was this week blindsided with a hefty bill as spot power prices surged.

Posting to a Facebook group, Matthew Wright called the price spikes “ridiculous” and asked for recommendations for an alternative electricity provider.

Wright said the bill was normally about $500 per week but in the past month it had gone up to $600.

“And now this $1500pw bill, I note on one single day last week the consumption was over $400! As we don’t live there we have no control over consumption times etc,” Wright said.

Other stories of bill shock emerged throughout the week and Flick has now told customers paying spot prices for power to switch to fixed-price plans.

“Because of these unpredictable market conditions we want you to seriously consider moving onto our FIXIE plan … if you decide not to flick plans, we want to give you a heads up that your next few bills are likely to be much the same as the bill you received this week,” Flick said in an email to customers yesterday.

“We still wholeheartedly believe Freestyle [Flick’s spot price plan] delivers great savings for customers long term. What we don’t believe in, however, are our customers riding a spot market that we feel is being manipulated by big companies acting opportunistically. Until we get the answers that we are entitled to – and that we want to give you – we don’t want to leave you exposed,’ the company said. end quote.

It looks like Flick is one of a long line of businesses to be affected negatively by Adern’s Captain’s call over Oil and Gas. Who could have imagined that her virtue signalling to the UN would result in massive unexpected power bills or that customers would find themselves trapped and unable to give Flick the flick?

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