Those racist Mexicans just don’t appreciate illegal immigration

Just a few years ago, leftist idols like Obama, Hillary Clinton and Julia Gillard were very clear that illegal immigration was bad. Obama pontificated that America ?was a nation of laws?. Clinton suggested building a ?physical barrier? along the southern border. Gillard cackled ?another boat, another policy failure?.

But then the Bad Orange Man said exactly the same, and the left turned on a dime.

Now, anyone who expresses even the slightest unease at the thought of thousands of foreigners crashing America?s borders is shrieked at as a bigot and a racist.

Turns out that, boy, are those Mexicans racist bigots. Quote:

Mexico is a land of migration with people coming, people going and people passing through. But attitudes toward the migrant caravan headed toward the U.S. are mixed.

While there is a long history of Mexican migration to the United States, Mexico has had trouble dealing with its own migrant population. Central Americans who journey north are often targeted by gangs and corrupt police. End of quote.

It?s almost like those countries aren?t sending their best. Quote:

And until recently, few stayed in Mexico. But now that’s changing as Mexico is becoming a destination country itself. In the last two weeks, around 3,000 Central Americans in the migrant caravans have applied for asylum in Mexico. And as Emily Green reports, Mexicans are grappling with their own unease with migrants from poorer countries to the south. End of quote.

As usual, the elite stay insulated themselves in their globalist ivory towers. Quote:

The theme of this year’s Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City was migration?the message is that migration is positive, says Mexico City’s culture minister, Eduardo Vazquez Martin.

“Migrants shouldn’t be seen as a problem but rather a foundation of Mexico’s cultural richness.” End of quote.

Well, the Conquistadores were migrants, too, I guess. Quote:

But he had no idea when city officials picked that theme in January that the parade would coincide with the arrival of a caravan of thousands of Central American migrants.

And that caravan has exposed many Mexicans’ discomfort with migrants, like 27-year-old Iris Alcarez. She works as a waitress in Tapachula, one of the caravan’s first stops in Mexico.

She says, “There are too many migrants here, and they prefer to beg for money than to work.” End of quote.

While the political class pat themselves on the backs, down in the streets, the hoi polloi aren?t so certain. Quote:

A poll by a major Mexican newspaper found that 40 percent of Mexicans believe the migrants’ presence would lead to more crime. And 25 percent say they would take jobs away from Mexicans. End of quote.

Gosh, they sound just like some MAGA-hatted deplorables.

Like everywhere else in the West, the open borders mob are nothing if not hypocritical. Quote:

Maureen Meyer is with the human rights group Washington Office on Latin America. She says the Mexican government is very good at promoting the rights of Mexicans abroad. ?But that doesn’t seem to be reflected in how they treat migrants in transit through Mexico.?

Or in how Mexico treats migrants seeking refuge here. Many of those who have applied for asylum have been detained. End of quote.

In other words, do as we say, El Norte, not as we do. Quote:

Here in Mexico City – at the Day of the Dead parade, many onlookers are thinking about the migrant caravan, like Juan Antonio Montero?He says he supports the migrants staying here, as long as they come legally with a passport. End of quote.

So, he doesn?t want Mexico?s borders thrown open to illegal immigration? What a racist bigot. I bet he wears a white pointed hood on his sombrero.