Tilty McJesus goes to Canberra

Caption: One of these days, he’ll tilt his head so far left that it’ll fall off. Still, it’s not like he’s actually using it.

Lefties hate churchies as a rule. Witness the outpourings of leftist scorn on Prime Minister Scott Morrison on account of his evangelical faith. Who can also forget the vicious bigotry heaped on Mitt Romney in the States? In fact, the left hate Christians so much that, when they?ve got into power, it?s often got very ugly. When the left aren?t actually treating Christians with brutal contempt, their default attitude is scorn and derision.

Unless, of course, the Christians do what they?re told. Just as the left patronise ?People of Colour? so long as they stay on the plantation, they also love to pat the little, tilted heads of compliant churchies. Just put on a rainbow chasuble, and the left will swoon.

Father Rod Bower of the Gosford Anglican church is the epitome of the left?s useful idiot clerics. There hasn?t been a fashionably pinko cause, from gay marriage, to asylum seekers, to hugging Muslims that ?Tilty McJesus?, as journalist Tim Blair dubs him, isn?t ready to embrace like it was a sultry altar boy.

Now, the Great Tilter is aiming his simpering smirk at Canberra. Quote:

Outspoken Anglican rector Rod Bower is the latest high-profile independent set to have a tilt at federal politics.

The Gosford minister, best known for his politically-charged signs outside his NSW Central Coast church, intends to run for a Senate seat at the next election. Fr Bower, a pro-refugee activist, said he hoped to give a voice to the marginalised in Canberra. End of quote.

It?s a pity he was never able to give a voice to the marginalised in his own diocese until it was too late. Quote:

THE Archdeacon on Sydney?s Central Coast has revealed he harbours feelings of ?deep shame? for the decades of child sex abuse committed by priests he knew in Newcastle?s Anglican diocese??

?I just never knew these horrendous things were going on.? End of quote.

As is typical with the left?s selective vision, the clerical clown is let off scot-free on a plea of ?I know nuzzink?, but the same indulgence was never extended to outspokenly conservative priest George Pell.

But, what the left are prepared to overlook in their pets rarely astonishes me any more. Quote:

Everybody?s favourite hectoring Anglican, bossy little moralist Fr Rod Bower, lately visited Qatar to collect a prize…Too bad Fr Rod didn?t have his famous big sign with him, otherwise he could have lectured his hosts on their abysmal human rights record and in particular their indefensible treatment of women…But since the sign wouldn?t fit in his carry-on luggage, Rod just had to meekly accept the award and thank everybody instead. End of quote.

Rainbow Rod’s predilection for dodgy Islamic company doesn?t end there, though. Quote:

Tilty McJesus appeared in Melbourne at some kind of yay for Islam chatfest alongside Waseem Razvi?It can be revealed that Mr Razvi met Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi…Qaradawi has been widely condemned for issuing fatwas in support of suicide bombing in Israel in the 1990s, and the travel of Muslims to Syria to fight against the Assad regime.

Last year, Interpol issued an arrest warrant for Qaradawi, who is wanted by Egyptian authorities for incitement and assistance to commit murder, helping prisoners to escape, arson, vandalism and theft. End of quote.

Even homophobic abuse gets a free pass from the left, so long as you?re a virtue-signalling pinko in a dress, casting anti-gay slurs at a wicked conservative. Quote:

Here?s Churchy La Femme?s latest sign: ?Peter Dutton is a sodomite?. End of quote.

Naturally, rainbow galahs of a feather flock together. Quote:

Soon-to-be independent federal MP Kerryn Phelps, who stunned many in the Wentworth by-election, said she was ?heartened? by Fr Bower?s plan to run. End of quote.

But the last word surely belongs to Ray Hadley: Quote:

Just being a man of God doesn?t exclude you from being a well-intentioned dill. End of quote.