Today in rock history

Born today in 1947, George Young, singer, songwriter and guitarist with The Easybeats.

Born today in 1947, John Wilson, drummer with Them, Taste and Spud.

Born today in 1948, Glenn Frey songwriter, guitarist and singer with Eagles.

Born today in 1950, Chris Glen, bassist with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and The Michael Schenker Group.

Today in 1961, Jimmy Dean went to number 1 in the US with ?Big

Bad John?.

Born today in 1961, Craig Goldy songwriter and guitarist with several groups including Dio.

Today in 1968, Joe Cocker went to number 1 in the UK with ?With A Little Help From My Friends?.

Today in 1971, Cher went to number 1 on the US singles chart with ?Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves?.

Today in 1976, The Steve Miller Band went to number 1 in the US with ?Rock ?n? Me?.

Today in 1993, Meat Loaf?went to number 1 in the US with “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)”.

Today in 1995, Queen?released their fifteenth album ??Made In Heaven?.

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