Top Ten posts of the week

This Sunday morning post is to provide you with the links to the top TEN?most read?posts of the past week so that you can easily catch up on the most interesting and popular posts written by our Whaleoil writers over the past 7 days ( Sunday to Monday).

As our staff, all recover from their Whale Meat Company induced food coma ( yes the sirloin steaks were melt in your mouth tender thanks for asking and Nige cooked them to perfection) why not have a read over?their very best and most popular posts from this past week?

  1. Do we need to read between the lines?
  2. Whaleoil transcription: Mike Hosking & Jacinda Ardern on Pike re-entry, Sroubek, Spectrum 5G & the price of petrol
  3. Sroubek decision made by the immigration minister
  4. Ardern announces KiwiRent
  5. 125,600 homes and other buildings just became unsaleable
  6. Consent withdrawn
  7. Handy Andy shifts dirt like nothing else can
  8. Collins visits golliwog country & slams political correctness
  9. Andrew Little should apologise; no one else
  10. Simon Bridges? own brother in law wants to jump ship because Bridges can?t win