Totally not-racist black woman slams ‘chinks’

The left are perhaps the least likely people to learn from their mistakes. Of course, almost no one likes to admit they?re wrong, but the left are too often unshakably obdurate. When caught out, rather than admit that they are wrong, for instance, they simply shift definitions and then pretend that they were right all along.

A classic case in point is racism. ?Racism?, mostly imaginary, is the left?s great cause c?l?bre ? largely because they?ve got nothing else left. To desperately cling to their thin moral veneer of supposed ?anti-racism?, the left invented the bogus paradigm of ?intersectionality?. One of the central tenets of intersectionality is that black people cannot ever be racist.

Which is just as well, because sometimes, some black people say things that sound awfully like unabashed racism. Quote:

Art Teacher Shonterikka Williams has been fired after her anti-Asian racism against a 10-year-old Asian girl?a 10-year-old Asian girl was suspended after she brought hair sticks to her school because they were seen as weapons. Her mother @LovelyLearynn tweeted out that her daughter faced discrimination from Ms. Shonterikka Williams, who referred to the hair sticks as ?oriental things.?

Additionally, a few weeks back Ms. Shonterikka Williams asked her students to draw a self-portrait. When @LovelyLearynn?s daughter received her self-portrait back from Ms. Shonterikka Williams, the drawing had a note that read, ?Okay, but a little less chinky!? End of quote.

Wow, that definitely sounds racist. But, as she explained, she?s a black woman, who by definition can?t be racist. Quote:

Shonterikka Williams went on her Instagram and posted a long letter saying she got fired from her job. She claims that ?the war on black women continues? and that she couldn?t be racist towards Asians because ?they are close to white people in terms of supremacy.? She did admit to using the word ?chink? but she said it was a ?joke? and ?not racist?. She then accuses the mother of trying to make her ?look bad? because she?s ?black.? Oddly enough she emphasized that she couldn?t be racist because she hired an Asian man to be her daughter?s babysitter. In addition, she said that she will not be apologizing. End of quote.

Of course, she wouldn?t be. But, she would be digging herself in deeper. Quote:

People were not happy with her response. As of now, her post has nearly 400 comments. All pretty much condemning her.

This prompted Shonterikka Williams to put up another post on her Instagram. This time she posted a picture of herself with her Asian babysitter. She stated once again, that ?black people can NOT be racist.? Also in her post, she gave out the name of her Asian babysitter, Kalan, and said that one day she wants him, ?to wait on my daughter and marry her someday.? End of quote.

Okayyyy?now, it?s just getting creepy. But it looks like the lad’s dodged a bullet, and the wedding?s off. Quote:

Now she says, ?[Kalan] used to babysit my daughter… He is 16 in a relationship with a 20-year-old woman. The reason he doesn?t post her is because he knows this is morally wrong. This is grooming and illegal.? End of quote.

Hmm. So, it was fine for this woman to want a teenage boy to ?wait on? her daughter until she was marryin? age, but a teenager dating a woman just out of her teens is ?grooming and illegal?? Stunning intersectional logic. Quote:

That didn?t exactly win the crowd over. Once again a wave of negative comments hit back at her.

This prompted Ms. Williams to issue another post. This time she said that the people calling her out had an ?anti-black agenda? and that ?Asians and white people deserve each other.? End of quote.

Some people just don?t know when to give up. But, that?s what happens when you subscribe to idiocy like ?intersectionality?. Quote:

What started as a teacher who should have just apologized for her racist statements has turned into something much more. It has gone from just sadness to absolute hilariousness. This is just a woman who can?t admit wrong and she keeps doubling down?.Oh what an absolute funny mess. End of quote.

Shonterikka Williams is a microcosm of the intersectional cretinism which has engulfed the modern left. Like much of the left today, she?s just a black hole of dumbassity. A singularity of stupid.

As Lou Reed once said, ?stick a fork in their ass and turn ?em over, they?re done?.