Turnbull bows to the Jakarta Jew-haters

Caption: Indonesian Muslims compare Jews to apes, just like it says in the Koran. (AP Photo/Dita Alangkara)

Malcolm Turnbull has cemented his post-prime ministerial reputation as a bitter, childish wrecker in the worst possible way by pandering to anti-Semitism. PM Scott Morrison threw an olive branch to Turnbull by handing him a cosy sinecure as a prime ministerial envoy to Indonesia. In an act of vindictive bastardry, Turnbull proceeded to rubbish Morrison?s own policy on the Israeli embassy.

We get it: Muslims just don?t like Jews. But that doesn?t mean that an Australian envoy has to pander to their irrational bigotry, especially for as mean and petty reasons as just getting even with the party that kicked you out of the Lodge. Quote:

Turnbull made an astonishing decision as a prime ministerial envoy to oppose the policy direction of his own Prime Minister on the question of Australia potentially moving its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

This is a perfectly reasonable and sensible idea from Morrison and the discussion about it in Australia has mostly displayed that woeful ignorance of the Middle East, and general Australian provincialism, that renders almost all our foreign policy debates as domestic political conflict waged by other means.

But whether it was a good idea or not, Turnbull?s performance in publicly dismissing Morrison?s suggestion, while in Jakarta as Morrison?s envoy, was not only ?bizarre in itself, it sets up a wholly destructive dynamic in which we now apparently offer to Jakarta a veto over our policy towards Israel.

This is plainly nuts and much more damaging to Australia?s ?national interests than anything involved in Morrison?s original suggestion. End of quote.

Muslim prejudice towards Jews is beyond doubt. Pew surveys show that the Muslim world is implacably hostile to Jews. In Western countries, to be sure, the figures are lower, but still much higher than non-Muslims, and rising. In Muslim countries, though, anti-Jewish prejudice is overwhelming, running from 76% to 100%.

Turnbull is directly pandering to such hatred, just to feed his own poisonous campaign of revenge. Quote:

There is absolutely nothing wrong at all in principle with Australia considering having its embassy in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Such a move was previously supported by such noted right-wing extremists as Bill Clinton.

All those faux wise heads who have said it would be wrong in principle because it prejudges the status of Jerusalem, which is disputed, are talking errant nonsense?The involvement of Indonesia in this episode is wholly destructive. I passionately believe in pursuing good relations with Jakarta. But this does not involve giving Muslim sentiment in Indonesia a veto role over how we interact with Israel?Indonesia does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. It refuses to recognise Israel at any level. The best way to handle Indonesia?s sensibilities is by calm, private dialogue. End of quote.

Or just tell the Jew-haters where to shove their prejudice.

The same goes for the left in western countries. The left in America flocks to the banner of anti-Semites like Linda Sarsour, Keith Ellison and Louis Farrakhan. The anti-Jewish BDS movement is almost unquestioned dogma on the left. In Australia, leftist student papers glorify Jew-killing terrorists. Australian Labor is aping the worst of Corbynism in Britain, not least in their veiled but growing anti-Semitism, aimed solely at winning influential Muslim votes in key western Sydney electorates.

The left are selling their souls to the anti-Semitic devil.

Conservatives don?t all come out with clean hands, either. Paul Kelly, in The Australian, urges surrender to Indonesia?s prejudices, for a bag of silver. Quote:

Scott Morrison has no ?responsible option but the abandonment of his unwise, ill-considered and dangerous pre-Went?worth by-election announce?ment about the option of moving the Australian embassy to Jerusalem?The issue is the future of Australia?s relations with Indonesia?whether the trade agreement with Indonesia ? that President Joko Widodo is prepared to sign ? will survive. End of quote.

This is disgusting cowardice. No trade deal is worth selling out the Jewish homeland, the middle east?s only stable, liberal democracy, for the sake of pandering to Muslim bigotry.

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