Violent vegans plan militant protests

The Daily Mail reports quote.

A vegan movement in Britain is planning a number of protests against the meat industry targeting everything from butchers to abattoirs and farms.

The Earthlings Movement hope to persuade people to give up all animal products.

The Earthlings protests are peaceful, with masked campaigners standing in circles holding laptops screening ‘horrific’ films of abattoirs to spark public interest. end quote.

Generally, people who wear masks wish to hide their identity.?Why would a peaceful group of protestors who intend to peacefully protest want to hide their identity?

In Melbourne, Vegan activists ‘peacefully’ tried to ‘persuade’ diners in a Steakhouse not to eat meat by storming the restaurant in a large group, waving placards and yelling at the diners “It’s not food, it’s violence.” Quote.


There are currently 650,000 vegans in Britain which has quadrupled since 2011

‘Veganism has been around a long time,’ Phoebe Frampton, who founded the Earthlings movement in 2013, told?The Sunday Times.

‘It used to be a dietary and health issue but modern vegans see it as being about animal rights and animal liberation.’ end quote.

The left wing seems to enjoy redefining words. It appears that the word Vegan is now synonymous with animal rights and animal liberation. Many Animal rights groups have a violent and intimidating reputation. quote.

However, critics see their beliefs as extreme with modern veganism goes far beyond giving up meat, fish and dairy. It also means giving up honey, silk, leather shoes and even beeswax furniture polish.

There are, however, vegan groups that take a more militant approach.end quote.

Militant extremists? How were they radicalised? Maybe it was the miserable vegan diet?

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), founded in the US in 2013, now has five ‘chapters’ in Britain. One of them invaded a branch of Tesco in Brighton last month, with 30 protesters staging a ‘silent protest’ in the meat aisle.

Some farmers dispute the claims of non-violence. John Wood, a Dorset farmer, set up the Facebook Meat & Greet site to promote lamb and beef, but says he was targeted by ‘frightening’ militants.

A militant silent protest? How strange. Farmers don’t strike me as the kinds of people who would be easily intimidated and threatened by silence. Quote.

‘We have had animal liberationists turning up at our home and shouting abuse. Most of these people may be bunny-huggers, but some are dangerous,’ he said. End quote.

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