We are doomed unless we part company with the ragamuffin United Nations


What is the point of continuing to be part of the United Nations (UN) when it has been hijacked by countries whose human rights abuses we tacitly support every time we sit down with them but we say and do nothing about it?

Countries whose citizens are tortured, killed and imprisoned simply for speaking out about injustices. Some UN members flagrantly abuse their own citizens, others cover up the abuse and lie about it.??

UN members are appointed to scrutinise other countries human rights abuses while refusing to acknowledge their awful records at home.??We should cut ourselves away from its ineffectiveness, hypocrisy and stupidity. Quote.?

The United Nations cares about human rights so much that it has ten organisations working on human-rights-related issues. One of these is the UN Human Rights Council, the organisation from which the U.S. withdrew Tuesday because of, among other things, its ?chronic bias against Israel,? to quote Nikki Haley, the U.S. envoy to the UN.??Haley has a point. The Council?s rules single out Israel for scrutiny of its actions in the occupied Palestinian territories. No other country is similarly named. The broader problem, however, are the countries doing the scrutinizing: countries like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Ethiopia.” End of quote.

The US cut their annual United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) funding of US$300M this year, a quarter of UNRWA’s annual budget, after more than a decade of payments on the basis that the UNRWA was an?“irredeemably flawed operation.”? ?Australia, to their credit, also withdrew UNRWA funding last July.

There are two intertwined issues around Palestinian aid: the first is the humanitarian aid for the people, and the second is the abject failure of the Palestinians to govern themselves.

Palestinians are split between Hamas, which governs Gaza, and the Palestinian Authority Fatah faction in the West Bank led by President Mahmoud Abbas.

He who controls the money has the power, and Abbas has the money and the power because he decides how to spend the Palestinian National Fund worth tens of billions of dollars over the years.

In August Abbas reduced Hamas’ payments by 25% and also threatened to cut their annual $1.58B funding back to nothing if Hamas would not reconcile with the PA.

Hamas subsequently thumbed its nose at Abbas and sourced $90 million from Qatar on the basis of? “reaching agreement with Israel”.

Saying ‘yes, yes, of course, we will reach agreement’ has given Hamas access to billions over the years, so why stop now?? Given their history of never actually agreeing, not only is an accord with Israel highly unlikely but this alternate source of funding widens the gap between the two Palestinian factions. Quote.

Last week Hamas began paying salaries to thousands of its employees after?Qatar sent a $15 million grant?in cash to the Gaza Strip. The money was brought to the Gaza Strip by senior Qatari envoy Mohammed El-Amadi through the Erez border crossing with Israel.??The Qatari grant is in the context of efforts by Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations to reach a long-term truce between Israel and Hamas.The payment was the first of a total of $90 million that the emirate has?pledged to send?to the Gaza Strip in the next six months, according to Palestinian sources.”End of quote.

So while Palestinians scream out for Israel’s land and all its resources, they prove themselves incapable of spending wisely what they actually have received.

Despite access to tens of billions of dollars over the years, they spent it on fighting among themselves and terrorising and fighting Israel, while completely neglecting their own people who still languish in refugee camps.? No problem really, when aid money is so easily obtained.? Money that we know will be siphoned off for war and terrorism or will simply disappear through corruption.

UNRWA aid distribution station in Gaza photo credit Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters

We should stop pretending that our UN membership makes any credible difference to any other member’s behaviour when we follow along like sheep by signing whatever resolution or agreement is produced by the UN.

The latest agreement that we should not sign, but probably will, is due this December when the?Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration?is presented at the UN.?

Although not binding, it is the first step toward open door migration and recognising migrant rights. It is a declaration of intention by all the countries who put their signatures on it.

It was drafted by Switzerland and Mexico. Switzerland are not stupid; they already have the most stringent tests in place for potential migrants.

MBIE has redacted sections of the briefing document but other sources indicate that, when we sign it, we will be listed on a UN website for would-be migrants to compare us with other countries before they go shopping.? Effectively, this document raises the prospective migrant status to equal that of a New Zealand resident.? If that doesn’t alarm you, you should be very happy about emigrating to Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Somalia or Ethiopia.

As expected, the countries who have said they will not sign are those who value their own citizens above the rabid great-unwashed clamouring to get a piece of an orderly, prosperous nation and who, by their presence, will ultimately destroy their adoptive country’s peace and prosperity.? Countries who are saying ‘no’ are the US, Australia, Austria, Croatia and probably Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

We should also say no to being sucked into a scheme advantageous to migrants from countries whose behaviour is foreign and whose values are not ours.??These migrants bring with them practices we are expected to accommodate and pay for. By signing this document we agree to give equal status to prospective immigrants.

Of course, we need to examine the migrant issue – but on our own terms, not those produced by the UN whose motive is globalisation and where some members display the poorest judgement and the worst hypocrisy.?

Let’s stop pussyfooting around the migrant issue and consider the erosion of our historic values against the negative effect of a swarm of? ill-considered migrants.?

Let’s put an end to the charade and stop pretending that all migrants want to integrate. Let’s not sign the treacherous Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration document.? What were you thinking Winnie?