Whaleoil is not free and telling the truth costs

Whaleoil is not free

A comment was made yesterday in the?General debate. quote.

To be honest, I?m spending less time reading Whaleoil these days. It?s not as punchy as it was. Bit too many long editorial pieces, not as much current political insight. Still, it?s free! end quote.

When Cam read that comment out to me he commented that Whaleoil is not free and that expecting free stuff is a welfare mentality.

To provide New Zealand’s most popular and most read blog with the volume of content that we do, costs money. It would cost a LOT more if we didn’t have the amazing and talented team of volunteers that make up our staff. Our writers and contributors love what they do – and it shows.

We have become much more than just a blog over the past 13 years, we have become a community. Thanks to writer Deb regular Oiler meetings up and down the country have been arranged through the blog.

Thanks to Cam there are now regular Whaleoil shooting competitions and a Whaleoil?Gun Club.

The Cows4Me Memorial Trophy.

To continue to service our Oiler community with real-life get-togethers and interesting and entertaining content we have had to think outside of the box as telling the truth can have legal consequences that put a massive strain on the blog’s finances.quote.

[629] For the reasons given in making those findings, I do not accept that Mr Slater spread lies about Mr Craig; made up allegations about him; gathered information that he knew was fake or untrue; or published material on Whaleoil knowing it not to be true. I am satisfied he is neither a compulsive nor a calculated liar. It follows that Mr Craig has not proved that the pleaded imputations are either true or materially true in substance. For those reasons, the defence of truth fails in regard to the counterclaim causes of action.end quote.

We don’t want to put out the begging bowl so have instead been working hard on finding alternative revenue streams that give our supporters something fantastic in return.

You can thank the ongoing legal action against us for the creation of the?Whale Meat Company. Necessity is, after all, the mother of invention. Our ads for the company are all clearly marked as advertorial and no one has to click on and read the advertorial posts unless they are interested in our product.

You still get exactly the same Whaleoil content every half hour and our advertorial posts are always put on a quarter?hour time slot so readers are losing nothing from the addition of this second revenue stream for the blog.

When you buy from the Whale Meat Company you are enabling?Whaleoil?to fight its legal battles while getting a very special product in return. Please recommend The Whale Meat Company to your friends and family if you love our meat, and if you are an employer consider spoiling your staff this Christmas with a gift pack of bacon, ham or steaks.

Subscriptions are the lifeblood of Whaleoil, and because I promised to stop promoting them once we got enough to replace our advertising revenue they have stopped increasing but our costs have increased and we would benefit greatly if more of you signed up for a simple Bronze monthly subscription. Our content isn’t free and your $10 a month alongside the $10 a month from many others will keep the cogs of Whaleoil well oiled.

Whaleoil is not free but you can keep Whaleoil?standing strong by purchasing our services and our products.

We love what we do and need your support to keep doing it.

I know we can count on you to support us.

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker