Whaleoil parking ticket issued to First Union

Last year we reintroduced a?Whaleoil tradition/prank?that was created way back in 2013 called the Whaleoil parking ticket. A Whaleoil parking warden contacted Cam yesterday and shared the following photo with him.


SHAME on you First Union, what a terrible sense of entitlement your member has, taking up not one but TWO parking spaces. They couldn’t even enter the car park correctly but chose instead to park across two car park spaces!?Cannabis hasn’t yet been legalised so I can only wonder what the driver was smoking when they made that appalling decision.

Whale Army, it is time we stepped this up a notch.

Attached to this post is a PDF?of the above ?Parking Ticket?. ?Download and print a few. ?Stick them in your wallet, keep some in your car, or if you work somewhere and you oversee a parking area, keep some at work.

Take the photo,?email it to the tipline, and issue a WOBH Parking Ticket.


Go on… you know you want to.