Whaleoil staff Christmas party today

Photo not of actual location or actual party guests ( we are a shy private bunch)

Today the Whaleoil team and their?partners will be joining us at Whaleoil HQ for a Christmas party/birthday party at the beach.

We will be barbequing?a ton of Whale Meat?Company steaks and sausages and will be enjoying sharing a MASSIVE Christmas ham.

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday so we are praying that the weather holds for us today.

It is an exciting occasion as many of us have never met before. We have been working together as a team in our fantastic online office for ages now but our interaction has been mostly online.

We have gotten to know each other as we chat, plan, organise and coordinate the next day’s posts but it will be fantastic to meet each other in person.

The team have travelled by plane, campervan and car to be together today.

Yesterday we were all working very hard to double our output in order to fill both Saturday and Sunday but be warned, there may possibly be an occasional gap tomorrow as it is hard to write when battling?dodgy motel internet and while on the road.

We may pull it off (stranger things have happened) but as alcohol and lots of food are involved we may all end up in a food coma or snoring on the couch unable to string a coherent sentence together so I am not going to make any rash promises.

Our?good friends at Southern Autos/ South Auckland Motors have provided a man magnet AKA a King size BBQ that comes with its own ice filled chests for beersies. I fully expect to see lots of men leaning on it while taking turns cooking and telling tall tales. We ladies, on the other hand, will leave the men to their manly work as there is wine to drink and we have tales of our own to tell. YES! we will be sticking to our assigned gender roles ( I know, I know it’s shocking but I don’t feel like cooking so there)

Also what is said at the staff party remains at the staff party shhhhh.

Today is our day to have fun, socialise and celebrate all that we have achieved together this year on Whaleoil.

I can’t wait!

Rain or not we are going to have a blast.