Where does National find these people?

One day it would be great to see a women-only political party in Parliament? Wouldn?t that be ground-breaking?? asked National MP Jo Hayes at the NZ Political Studies Association conference, as part of a Suffrage panel discussion of MPs.

Never heard of her before?? Me neither. Jo is a List MP based in Christchurch East.

One wonders how much thought went into that statement.? If ACT had?Beth Houlbrooke instead of David Seymour representing their party in Parliament, would that be a woman only party?? Would that be groundbreaking?

Or is Jo suggesting that everyone in this ‘ground-breaking’ party be a woman? Every candidate, every volunteer, all the party hierarchy, all the back-room staff?? How far is this ‘woman only, ‘ground-breaking’ malarkey supposed to extend?

Would only women be allowed to vote for this party?? Would they set up a Ministry of Men’s Affairs?

Jo was speaking at a Suffrage event. Celebrating the time when women were given the vote and treated as equals.? Now she wants to turn that on its head and kick out the men.

On what planet is this ‘ground-breaking’?

There is a give-a-lot page set up to purchase this Christmas gift for Jo,

Next thing, someone will be suggesting a Maori only party … Oh, wait.