Where the sheiks take no blame

Caption: A Muslim community leader responds to tomorrow’s Islamic terror attack.

A tiny minority of Australians ? and almost none living ? were complicit in the so-called ?Stolen Generations?, black or white. Hardly any Australians were responsible for institutional child sex abuse. Yet the Australian community offered public apologies and restorative justice for those heinous crimes. The Senegalese complicit in the Transatlantic Slave Trade have been dust for generations, yet that nation offered an apology for their wrongdoing.

On the other hand, no matter how many enormities are committed by members of the Islamic community, that community refuses to express even the slightest contrition. Indeed, Islamic representatives steadfastly deny any connection at all between Islamic terrorists and the Islamic community.

Instead, outrage, indignation and blame-shifting are their default responses. The latest Islamic terror atrocity is no different. Quote:

The spiritual leader of the Islamic youth centre where Bourke Street terrorist Hassan Khalif Shire Ali ?attended prayer sessions has ?accused Scott Morrison of making the Muslim community a scapegoat to distract from the failure of police and intelligence services to prevent Friday?s attack. End of quote.

Once again, the ?real? victims are Muslims, not the people lying in pools of blood on Australian streets. Quote:

The [Hume Islamic Youth Centre], a sprawling mosque, cafe, gym and bookstore in the Melbourne suburb of ?Coolaroo, has seen a procession of jihadists and would-be terrorists through its doors, including ?domestic terror plotters and suicide bombers who killed themselves in Iraq.

Sheik Omran ? the most senior Australian figure in the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah movement, which adheres to a strict, salafist interpretation of Islam ? said the ?Prime Minister?? needed to be ?accountable for the failure of government agencies before he blamed Islamic leaders.

?This person was on the watch list,?? the sheik told The Australian. ?So what did they do? Nothing.

?He has spent billions of dollars ? billions ? on security service. And what is the end result? We have crazy people in the street.?? End of quote.

Spending billions, eh? That sounds like an awful lot to me, just to stop people from a community representing just 3% of the Australian population running amok. Yet it still happens. That doesn?t seem to reflect well on the Islamic community.

Given that all of the hundreds of extremists on the watch-list come from just one religion, shouldn?t the leaders of that religion actually accept some responsibility? Quote:

The Prime Minister?s forceful rhetoric was aimed squarely at imams he believed were ?looking the other way?? when confronted with extremism in their mosques.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has also called for Muslim community members to help bring potentially dangerous radicals to the attention of police.

Mr Morrison told The Australian yesterday the ?active co-?operation? of Islamic leaders was required to prevent terrorism.

?When you?ve got 400 people on an investigation program and 230 people with cancelled passports, there?s no way you can have active eyes on everyone,? Mr ?Morrison said. End of quote.

Caption: The Hume Islamic Youth Centre’s yearbook makes for explosive reading. Picture: The Australian.

But, as always, when Australia looks for co-operation from the Islamic community, all we get in return is denial and abuse. Quote:

Counter-terrorism investigators believe that Shire Ali, who was radicalised in the early years of the Syrian conflict, had in more recent years attended prayer sessions at the HIYC??Let?s say he came here every day, five times a day,? Sheik Omran said.

?What does that mean? End of quote.

It means that there?s something about the HIYC that attracts violent extremists.

But don?t rely on Islamic leaders like Sheik Omran to cop to that.