Who is bashing the gays of Europe?

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When a Muslim extremist murdered 50 people at a gay nightclub in Florida, the alphabet soup ?community? and their left-wing allies rushed to blame?Republicans.

Despite the terrorist ? despite the media still hiding behind euphemisms and calling it a ?shooting? rather than admitting the truth ? explicitly stating that his motive was Islam, somehow the narrative was twisted to blame conservatives and Christians. A typical ABC article blames the West and Christianity, while never mentioning Islam once. Even when stating that homosexuality is punishable by death in ten countries, the fact that they are all Islamic is studiously avoided.

Even worse, the media peddled wild conspiracy theories that the terrorist was a self-hating homosexual. Even though investigators have ruled that the so-called ?evidence? consists entirely of fabrications and fantasies, Wikipedia still runs with the fake news.

But the Florida attack was just the bloody pinnacle of a wave of anti-gay violence sweeping the West. Just as they did with Orlando, the left-media assiduously lie about it. Quote:

Three thousand people rallied in central Paris ?to denounce assaults on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and demand urgent action from the government??I looked at several news stories (in several languages) about these incidents?None of them included the words Muslim or Islam, even though the Religion of Peace is, to put it mildly, a major part of the problem ? not just in Paris, of course, but all over Western Europe. Everybody knows this, even though virtually nobody feels comfortable talking about it. In most media reports of such incidents, indeed, the Islamic factor can only be discerned through exceedingly careful reading. End of quote.

Mark Steyn wrote about how press reports of a Muslim terrorist shooting Jews at a kosher supermarket managed somehow to avoid mentioning ?Islam?, ?Muslim?, ?terrorists? or ?Jews?. But such deceitful circumlocutions are standard procedure. Quote:

[A] German paper recounted several recent Berlin gay-bashings in detail, noting that while such attacks in that city are nothing new, they’ve undergone a notable increase in levels of brutality. But there was no explicit mention of Islam.

Sometimes the role of Islam is hinted at, but only obliquely. Consider a piece about gay-bashings in Berlin that appeared last June in the Irish Times. There was no mention of Muslims?Only if you made it all the way to the end of the piece did you encounter a curiously phrased reference to ? get this ? ?the threat to the gay community, real or perceived, from conservative Turkish and Arab men, and criminal gangs from Romania and Bulgaria.? Note the artful use of the words ?perceived? and ?conservative??and the determined avoidance, again, of the words Islam or Muslim.

Given all this subterfuge and circumlocution, it was almost shocking to come across an October 9 article in the Berliner Zeitung that not only reported that gay-bashing in Berlin is steadily increasing (last year, 324 such attacks were recorded, with the real number surely far higher than that) but also admitted, quite matter-of-factly, that the overwhelming majority of perpetrators are Muslims.

At one time, such candor was not quite so surprising. Ten years ago ? ten years! ? Der Spiegel quoted a gay activist who stated quite frankly that homophobia was on the rise in Berlin and noting that many ?Muslim kids raised in Germany…have been raised to hate homosexuals.?

Alas, gay-rights activists in Western Europe don’t talk like that anymore. Nor do the media. For whatever reason, the worse things have gotten, the more widespread and adamant the insistence that nothing’s wrong at all ? or at least that, if something is wrong, then Islam has absolutely nothing to do with it. End of quote.

Cognitive dissonance is a well-known psychological phenomenon. Humans strive to maintain a consistent view of the world. When a person?s beliefs contradict each other, it causes them mental discomfort that must be resolved. One way that people do so is by avoiding contradictory information.

Contemporary leftists divide the world into victims and oppressors, and hold themselves to be the champions of the supposed victims. Their two most favoured victim groups are Muslims and gays. If it turns out that one ?victim? group virulently hates the other, cognitive dissonance results. To try and cope, they simply lie to themselves, and hysterically attack anyone who tries to tell them the truth. Quote:

All too many gays, unfortunately ? in the ultimate triumph of ideology over reality ? continue to make fools of themselves, buying into the insane and suicidal notion that Muslims are their brothers in oppression. End of quote.

Not just gays: the same suicidal insanity rules the left. Pussy-hatted feminists flock under the ?Women?s March? banner hoisted by a sharia-loving anti-Semite, obediently vote for a party chaired by an anti-Semitic wife-basher, and make endless excuses for a former president whom Christopher Hitchens stated was almost certainly a serial rapist.

The left-media complex has engineered an era of universal deceit. It?s time to start telling the truth.

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