Why changing the NZ parliament prayer matters

We are not a Christian party.
We have Christians and non-Christians in our party.

We also recognise the importance of Christianity to our culture and the positive ramifications of having codes of laws, ethics and ideals practised here.

This is due solely to us being a nation that identifies Greek democracy and Judeo-Christian principles as integral to our culture and constitution…Maori took on these concepts; the ideas of codes, laws and ideals replacing violence, wars and depravity.

Labour have a pro-death culture of state sponsored suicide; if you?re old or sick, off yourself; if the pregnancy is inconvenient, abortions are more important than preserving the lives of unborn Kiwis.

Removing the central figure of our principles, dilution of family values, pushing gender diversity onto our children at school ? it?s an assault on our democracy, integrity and values.

But this Labour-led/NZ First/Greens coalition and speaker Mallard have now managed to do what Labour have wanted for years.

A quiet, gradual and insidious removal of our core values…

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