Why no kindness for Jews, Jacinda?

As has been pointed out in an earlier post?New Zealand has, diplomatically, stayed very quiet about the massacre of Jews worshipping at a synagogue in Pennsylvania.

When challenged on this, the official response was as shown:“Not my responsibility”.? I’m just the PM, I don’t meddle in international stuff, that’s for Winston. Oh – except for trips to London, Nauru, New York etc. – you understand.


Why did Ardern comment on the deaths in Melbourne if it is not her responsibility?

Perhaps Winston had a word with her and she said,”Sorry, forgot my place – should have left that to you Winston, it won’t happen again.”

But then it does, on 25 April 2018 Ardern offered condolences to the Canadians killed by a man in a van.

A month later she is back again?meddling in Peters’ area of responsibility: Quote.

Jacinda Ardern has condemned the “devastating, one-sided loss of life” in Gaza, as the United States opens its embassy to Israel in Jerusalem. End of quote.

So hurling rockets and Molotov cocktails etc. across the border into Israel is okay? And defending ones borders is a “one-sided loss of life”?

Walking into a synagogue with an automatic rifle and killing people also seems to be a?”devastating, one-sided loss of life”, but that’s clearly beneath her status to comment on.

How hollow your words are Ardern: “I also want this government to feel different, I want people to feel that it’s open, that it’s listening and that it’s going to bring kindness back.”

Jacinda Ardern, you are an embarrassment to New Zealand.

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