Why our State education system is being held to ransom by the unions

Socialism does not educate, it indoctrinates, and that is why our State education system is being held to ransom by the unions. Many shortfalls within the State education sector have emerged recently, and these occur under the directorship of the union and the union-funded government.

First: Why is it that the union insists that those teachers who fail to perform in the classroom be remunerated at the same level as those who exhibit high performance? There’s no rational explanation other than the socialist claptrap that we are all equal. Teachers can be graded from hopeless to brilliant but the hopeless are protected by the union regardless of the damage inflicted on a child’s education. Children have to endure substandard teaching simply because of the union’s desire for their socialist ideology to flourish.

Credit: SonovaMin

Good teachers leave the profession disenchanted at the injustice of the union?s demands. Hopeless teachers remain protected under the umbrella of socialism. That?s why one in three children need help to read and write during their exams. That’s why the unions advocated so strongly for Charter schools to be abolished as they were becoming an embarrassment to their flawed ideological pathway. Charters offered performance-based rewards. Charters understood that children needed quality education not union driven mediocrity. Charters were achieving where the State was failing and the unions knew it!

Second: the yielding of constructive discipline has left teachers powerless when dealing with disruptive students. The socialist?s politically correct touchy-feely approach has failed dramatically; to the extent that teachers are subjected to severe scrutiny should they in any way physically or verbally discipline disorderly pupils. These troublesome children disrupt the progress of the motivated students and very little can be done about it. But, as is the socialist?s wont, we are all equal.

Third: Where is the union?s demand for equal gender representation within our primary sector? 85% of primary teachers are female. The gradual erosion of male participation has its roots firmly planted in the radical socialist feminist movement which has hounded men out of the profession. Males and children apparently do not mix. Men are afraid to interact with other people’s?children for fear of being targeted as deviant. The absence of male role-modelling within our primary sector is having a very detrimental impact on the stability of this environment. Why haven?t the Union addressed this? After all, gender numerical equality is being demanded in every other employment environment by the socialists.

None of these issues is trivial and, for those of you in year thirteen who are confused by what ?trivial? means, then may I enlighten you? The word describes perfectly the combined impact and achievements of the current Coalition of Losers government. Don’t expect any acknowledgement at your school?s prize giving for knowing this. After all, one?s ignorance must be seen as meritorious as one’s intelligence. If you are the one in three who requires help to read and write during your exam, congratulations, you are now a highly qualified socialist.


by George