Word goes out to feminist commentators: Squash Judith

In what seems like a parallel universe, we have the Labour-led government giving subsidised housing to wealthy middle-class couples and a senior National MP standing up for low-income families because of the government housing policy. Because it is Judith, even though she is completely right, she has to be pilloried for it by the media. Fortunately, as we all know, Judith is most unlikely to have lost any sleep over that, and as we also know, she is very good at staying on message and not being sidetracked by garbage.

RNZ ?have made this statement: quote.

National MP Judith Collins vehemently denies targeting a young couple online, saying she’s just raising questions about Kiwibuild’s eligibility criteria. Housing Minister Phil Twyford has accused her of picking on the couple who bought a KiwiBuild house, and who spoke at a publicity event at the weekend. After Ms Collins questioned whether the couple were perhaps too wealthy to qualify for an affordable home, the couple took their social media profiles offline. Ms Collins rejects Mr Twyford’s criticism, saying it was the minister who put the couple as poster children for Kiwibuild. Judith Collins has refused to appear on Morning Report. end quote.

Judith has been accused of attacking the young couple on Facebook, but this is not true. Here is the tweet she posted on her own Twitter account –


Is that really terrible? Pointing out that these people can afford to travel the world, maybe they shouldn’t get taxpayer subsidised housing? Personally, I think it is a comment that many will agree with.

Judith is, as always, simply doing her job. She is attacking government policy, as any half-decent opposition is supposed to do. She also has a point. When Phil Twyford promised housing through Kiwibuild, no one expected the taxpayer to be funding housing for middle-class young couples. Low to middle-income families was the real expectation – you know – those that are truly locked out of the housing market.

The worst thing about all this is that this young couple is likely to make a significant capital gain on the property which will never be taxed, as the Kiwibuild house is their own home.

However, even Newshub could see Judith’s point in the end. quote.

Are there issues with a young couple with huge earning potential snapping up a brand new, state-built, state-subsidised four bedroom home during a housing crisis? Sure. By all appearances it looks like the government has essentially taken the place of the Bank of Mum and Dad ? or at least shared the burden. In three years the couple will be free to sell their home with whatever capital gains that entails, and in the meantime low-income families are no closer to buying a place of their own. Whatever Phil Twyford says, the expectation seems to have been that KiwiBuild in fact very much was for struggling families. There are also questions around how it is that a doctor and a marketing professional are considered locked out of the market, even as far from the CBD as Papakura, and what that means for those of us who are neither. end quote.

The expectation was that Kiwibuild would help families struggling to buy their own home, not upwardly mobile young couples who do not need government assistance. This young couple should not have let themselves be the public face of a bad government policy, because questions were always going to be asked about their suitability for a subsidised house.? Judith is simply doing a brilliant job of being an opposition MP. She does not deserve to be pilloried for it. She should be left alone to get on with it and hold the government to account. But you know Judith. Nothing is going to stop her doing that anyway.