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caboshed (adj) – (Of an image of the head of a beast) having an exposed face but a concealed neck.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Caboshed, also spelled caboched and cabossed is a technical term in heraldry referring to a beast decapitated behind its horns. The -ed shows that the variant spellings are all past participles of the very rare and obsolete verb cabochen, cabachen ?to behead (a deer or other beast) right behind its horns.? The English verb comes from the French verb cabocher (past participle caboch?), a derivative of caboche (Old French caboce), a pejorative northern French dialect (Norman, Picard) word meaning ?head? (literally ?cabbage?). Caboche may be a development of Latin caput ?head.? Caboshed entered English in the 16th century.