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panoply (noun) – 1. An impressive or striking array or arrangements.
2. Ceremonial attire with all accessories.
3. Something that covers and protects such as a porcupine’s panoply of quills.
4. The complete arms and armour of a warrior.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Panoply comes from the Greek word panoplia, which referred to the full suit of armour worn by hoplites, heavily armed infantry soldiers of ancient Greece. Panoplia is a blend of the prefix pan-, meaning “all,” and hopla, meaning “arms” or “armour.” (As you may have guessed already, hopla is also an ancestor of hoplite.) Panoply entered the English language in the 17th century, and since then it has developed other senses which extend both the “armour” and the “full set” aspects of its original use.