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piacular (adj) – 1. Making expiation or atonement for a sacrilege.
2. Requiring expiation; wicked or blameworthy.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Piacular comes directly from the Latin adjective pi?cul?ris ?(of a rite or sacrifice) performed or offered by way of atonement; expiatory.? Pi?cul?ris is a derivative of the noun pi?culum ?a sacrificial victim or expiatory offering,? itself a derivative of the verb pi?re ?to propitiate a god, remove or avert by expiation.? Finally, pi?re is a derivative of the adjective pius ?faithful, loyal, and dutiful to the gods, one?s country, family, kindred and friends.? Pius is one of the most potent words in Latin and typical of the Romans. The phrase pius Aen??s ?loyal, faithful, dutiful Aeneas? occurs 17 times in the Aeneid. Piacular entered English in the 17th century.