Yes to convicted drug dealer, no to hard working farmer

Much has already been written about the unfathomable decision by Immigration minister Iain Lees-Galloway and his decision to grant residency to Karel Sroubek.? It seems we are happy to welcome a convicted criminal into a country, yet deny a hard-working farmer.? Stuff reports.? Quote.

A “law-abiding” chicken farmer is devastated?he’s?fighting to stay in New Zealand when Czech drug smuggler Karel Sroubek was granted residency.

Jeremy Hedderwick?came from South Africa 14 years ago. His Kiwi wife, Raewyn, died from cancer last year.?Hedderwick?says he’s on antidepressants because his situation is “emotionally tortuous”.

“A criminal has got residency and I’m a law abiding person,” Hedderwick says.?”I’m 65, but working as hard as any 20-year old.”

Sroubek, who?was jailed for drug offences, was granted residency by?Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway. end quote.

Another decision that makes no sense at all.? What happened to kindness Ms Ardern?? Does it apply to drug dealers but not to law abiding hard working citizens?? Quote.

Although?IPT found?Hedderwick?had a solid NZ employment history, his position was valued,?he had made a significant contribution and was likely to continue,?Associate Immigration?Minister Kris Faafoi declined to overturn INZ’s decision.?

Tope applied for?a judicial review, and wrote to Lees-Galloway, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and National’s immigration spokesman Michael Woodhouse, saying the matter was in the public interest.

There was a “stark difference” between her client, who she said was a law abiding, taxpaying man, and Sroubek.

“Going back to South Africa after having lived in New Zealand for so long is not feasible or even reasonable for various reasons … chief of which is his lack of roots in South Africa as well as the danger implications there.”

Given her client’s special and “very real circumstances” and lack of criminal past, it became extremely problematic to reconcile the decision for?Faafoi?not to intervene, given that?Sroubek, who was deemed unsafe and denied parole,?was granted residency, she said.? End of quote.

I know which of these men I’d rather have living next door, and it’s not Sroubek.