You can?t get me I?m part of the Union, ?til the day I die

‘Hypothetically? have we ever wondered why local body council employees and government bureaucrats are paid exceptionally well just as most?Auckland City Council employees are?

Possible contributors are the public sector and service unions: that is, unions who represent public sector and essential services employees. ?It?s pretty straightforward. First, they ?capture? employee?s union dues as an unofficial condition of employment; this means that if they don?t pay, then they are ‘not hired’.


Next, they use that money to support and help elect union-friendly politicians. Some examples of this kind of support are our present Coalition of Losers government, an Auckland mayor or two, and some councillors.

Then they negotiate contracts with those same politicians, ‘a mutually beneficial deal.’ It is not so beneficial of course if you are the taxpayer who, under the flawed MMP system, has to ‘foot the bill.’

Just ask the youth and their parents from the near-deceased?Charter schools about the ramifications of those union contract ?deals.?

Credit: Luke

I always acknowledged the thought that unionising government workers was not a good idea. I recognised that public-sector unions could hold the government hostage at will. Some public ’employees’ would have similarly disruptive powers. An extreme example is the Washington ‘Democrat leftist party’ with their deep-state bureaucracy. It makes one wonder if a similar version is happening in New Zealand?

Credit: Luke

It?s a shrewd political move, but a bad deal for any country with Western values; as public-sector unionisation spreads rapidly, its ramifications are more recognisable. Today, public service unions wield tremendous power in government but, due to the loss of manufacturing, their unions, well not so much.

If you want to know just how much power the public service unions have,?try to fire any poorly performing government worker or almost any unionised government employee anywhere. It?s extremely difficult, if not impossible, no matter how incompetent or lazy they might be.

Unions are part of the socialist ideology but hypocritically use capitalism to enable servitude through dangling the carrot of financial elitism which is then utilised for political manipulation.

Then there are the ‘rumoured’ future pension plans, income paid out to government workers after they retire including the well-known trougher politicians’ lifelong benefits which encompass both sides of the political spectrum.

Pensions don’t exist as a standard in the private sector; has anyone noticed that pearl?

We, the taxpayers, need a fresh opportunity to make sure that our politicians work for us, the New Zealand citizens; not the Unions, the UN and the Globalists.


by Max Sky

I am an advocate for free speech and a better New Zealand, including a renaissance of Western values and culture.