$3 million to upgrade Premier House

It seems that a National prime minister is not fit to live in Premier House and can’t even have $300,000 in upgrades, whereas Jacinda can somehow justify upgrade costs of $3 million if Chris Hipkins’ comments are anything to go by.

But of course, we must have the best for Jacinda, Clarke and the first baby. quote.

In 2011, Hipkins was critical of renovations at Premier House under the previous government, including a $215,000 painting bill, a $55,366 spend on re-carpeting and more than $3000 on new blinds.

“Every Kiwi family struggling to pay the bills knows that if you can’t afford to pay for dinner, new carpet and curtains for the lounge get pushed a long way down the list,” he said at the time.

Hipkins yesterday said $3 million was not too much to be spending to upgrade Premier House.

Asked about his 2011 comments, he said these were two different issues.

“These are not superficial changes, they are for security concerns and security things do come with a reasonably hefty price tag ? that’s unavoidable, unfortunately.” end quote.

John Key did not warrant proper security? Of course not. He was a rich prick. quote.

The total cost of repairs and security upgrades to the Prime Minister’s official Wellington residence will reach almost $3 million over five years – triple the cost originally given by officials.

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) had previously said an upgrade to Premier House would cost $1m – but documents obtained under the Official Information Act (OIA) show the full cost will be almost three times that, with much of the extra due to new security provisions.

Premier House is the Thorndon home purchased for the Prime Minister and their family to live in while they are in Wellington. It was bought by the Crown in 1865. end quote.

So $1 million has turned into $3 million in a heartbeat. Isn’t this the story of this precious government? quote.

Ardern previously said work had been done at Premier House to upgrade security at the residence. end quote.

So does it need a security upgrade or not? It doesn’t sound like it. quote.

The current minister responsible for Ministerial Services, Chris Hipkins, approved the continuation of the upgrade programme on December 21 last year, the documents showed.

Hipkins said Premier House was a heritage building that the Government had a responsibility to preserve, look after and maintain it.

“It’s in a pretty run-down state and I think at some point we’re going to have to look at some reasonably significant maintenance at Premier House.”

He would not go into detail about the security upgrades but he said there were issues around the perimeter of the property and a need for a more full-time security presence to be there even when the Prime Minister was not. end quote.

So now it is a heritage building that we need to preserve but this was not true, of course, back in 2011 when John Key was the Prime Minister.

Of course not.

I wonder how those Kiwi families, struggling to pay the bills (more likely to be struggling to pay the rent these days), feel about paying 10 times more for renovations than in 2011.?

Of course, it is okay if a Labour government does it. Jacinda must have the best of everything.

This is what it means to bring kindness back. Renovations cost 10 times as much as under National.

How kind do we have to be?