Comment of the day

The National party

How frustrated would you be if you had bought tickets to a Rolling Stones concert, only to be treated to the Stones performing Cliff Richard’s greatest hits? Yet this is what your supporters are experiencing from the National party in opposition; right band, wrong hymn sheet.

Each of you had two job interviews: the first to convince the party that you were a suitable candidate and the second to persuade us that you would be a worthy representative of our interests in parliament. You succeeded in both. You got the job. But how many of you have read your job description? It states in bold headlines, ?Focusing on what matters to us?. But you’re not. What matters to us is the almost unchallenged, creeping cancer of socialism. But what matters even more to us is that you are allowing it to happen.

Let’s look at the playing field. This coalition is one of the most dysfunctional and inexperienced governments in New Zealand’s history, yet you, the National opposition, are losing ground to them. How the hell did that happen? You were the most popular party at the last election but are not any more. How the hell did that happen? The left-wing coalition?s support base is made up of a combination of racist seats, those supported by the state, young university wannabes and the unions. They represent the collective wisdom of a watermelon patch, yet they have taken control of this country?s destiny.

Donald Trump was not elected because he had happy family photos on Facebook, nor because he was a great orator, nor because he had an impeccable moral compass nor for his honesty. He treated Clinton as a discredited parasite without fear of the sexist outrage spewing forth from the left. He was elected because he loved his country and was not intimidated by political correctness. He was the voice that represented those who had been bullied into silence by the socialist cancer that labelled anyone with an opposing view as offensively oppressive and guilty of ?hate speech?.

Trump wasn’t going to be intimidated by internal and external manipulation. He put his country and his people first. To be hated so venomously by the left should be every centre-right political party’s objective. Fear is the only true enemy. And how the left fears him. So now it is your turn National.

In Morocco, in two weeks time, our coalition government will sign up to the ?United Nations Global Compact for Migration?. This has to be aggressively opposed by the National opposition. This country cannot continue down the path of surrendering its sovereignty to an organisation that is focused on global control. The puppet mistress Helen Clark is pulling the strings, Ardern is her stagehand and the whole production is run out of the UN. If National supports this then rip up your job descriptions and clear your desks. You’re fired.

Have you ever asked yourself why the left, in cohorts with the MSM, exert so much energy, time and resource, both legally and illegally, attempting to discredit and silence Whale Oil Beef Hooked? I will tell you why. Because we are ?Focusing on what matters to us?. So next time the media asks you whether you read Whaleoil, don’t be intimidated by association. That’s playing into the left?s objective of silencing opposing views. They fear Whaleoil because it represents a real opposition to their ideological cancer. You are either for us or against us. Get off the fence and ?Focus on what matters to us?.


by George