Commenter of the week

Commenter of the week

Here at Whaleoil, we have a lot of talented people making comments on our posts all of the time.

So, every week, we shine a light on the person we think most deserves an accolade.

Please note this is not about just one comment. We are looking for more than that. We are looking for someone who regularly contributes constructively to our forum and to the messages we are trying to send.

This week, Stuff has shown that it is a fascist site – and I mean ‘fascist’ in the true sense of the word, where freedom is completely oppressed. Karel Sroubek is to be deported after all, as the immigration minister makes an even bigger fool of himself by doing a massive U-turn. Winston admits that government policy is causing rent increases, and apparently Duncan Garner is a hard right journalist. Oh, and the Auckland Santa parade will go ahead this weekend, complete with a gender fluid, non identifying Santa in sequins. Let us all hope it rains again this weekend and the damned parade will be cancelled for good.

This week, our Commenter of the Week is…


?Dave of the West Bank

Dave is a long time commenter, who has made a lot of useful and insightful comments in his time. He attended the Oilers meeting in Nelson in September and met a number of fellow sympathisers, including Nige. These Oilers gatherings are good fun, and actually can be quite productive. But it is always good to put names to faces, or in our case, faces to pseudonyms.

And then, a few weeks later. Dave of the West Bank got himself banned.

It happens. The moderators take no prisoners. They do their job exceedingly well, all to keep the blog a safe place for all.

However, Dave of the West Bank is back with us now, and as a bona fide commenter, he has a lot to offer.

(Just to let you know, Dave – you are not alone. Most of the writers and moderators have been banned at some point. Not me, of course.??)

From Backchat: quote.

Oi jus’ got back from 2 days in the Norf Oiland, and By Gum, am Oi pleased to be back down ‘ere where there ‘nt a million people in ‘orsless carriages all fighten’ for to be foist anywhere where Oi be goin’.

Farewell North Island, until the next time I’m forced by circumstances to visit your shores. If no such circumstances occur, then I may have paid my last visit! Praise de Lord!

PS. Daughter and hubby checked in to fly offshore and report that they never inter-acted with a human being as they went through the whole process from entering the airport to boarding the plane. She also reports that even the toilet flushed automatically, which gave her a hellava fright.

PPS Every time I pass through an airport there is an added layer of do-it-yourself involved in transiting from street to aircraft. Hostess agreed with me that it won’t be long before passengers will be drawing a number at check-in that will mean that they’ll have to pilot the blimmin’ plane! end quote.

You did mean the North Island, not Northern Ireland, didn’t you Dave? Just wasn’t sure because of the accent.

From We are being softened up: quote.

Good article, WH.

I’m over the whole thing. It’s a bit like a short length of chain around your neck – the pressure is relentless, and now and again another link is added to to the chain to add to the misery. Every time some swivel-eyed barking mad “scientist” with the latest barking-mad drivel spouting the climate panic de jour, I just feel that much more weary and wonder if it will ever end. Then along comes a WH, or a Joanne Nova who offer some resistance on our behalf and I begin to think not all is lost after all.

But unfortunately we only have platoons engaged in the battle when we really need divisions. end quote.

Have you read Stuff this week, Dave. If you thought things were bad before…

From US congresswoman shows Muslim colours: quote.

LB, I think you’re on the right track. I looked it up and the raised forefinger indeed comes up many times when searching for “tahwid”. I actually thought it was “the finger” she was giving, which is possibly a digital synonym anyway.

Well spotted. end quote.

It is probably a special symbol, found in the Koran. No need to worry, really.

From A very dense thicket of Woods: quote.

I note her PhD is in History. She should, therefore be well versed in what happens to an economy when people with no understanding of their portfolio get their hands on the levers of power.

If you have no idea how a wrecking ball works, then having half a dozen PhDs will not mitigate against causing spectacular damage to things not meant to be wrecked. end quote.

I don’t think it matters what your PhD is in to make a fine minister. I mean, Michael Cullen was a history teacher, and look what a great Minister of Finance he was.

From Is New Zealand warming neutral?: quote.

Thanks, Geoffrey. But even they, the New Conservatives seem to conflate the environment with the weather. Nobody that matters seems to have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and call the whole shoddy mess out for what it is – a rort.

CO2 is not a pollutant, without it we wouldn’t be here. Having a clean environment and identifying the definition of a clean environment is a totally different beastie than weather/climate.

Every time I mow my lawns I pay 50 cents into the ETS scam and every time I fill my car I’m paying about $3.50 to the ETS scam. Every time I pay my electricity bill I pay about $10 to the ETS scam. It would be interesting to add up all the payments made to the ETS rort over a year. end quote.

I’d never thought about adding up all the fees paid to the ETS scam. That is depressing. Perhaps I still won’t go there.

From Maori more affected by climate change: quote

Stuff are a disgrace. As a result of the downright lying about President Trump’s cancellation of his flight to the Armistice ceremony as reported in Whaleoil’s 16 November article by idbkiwi entitled “Stuff Clouds the Truth”, I have not looked at anything reported by Stuff since that day.

They can take a long walk off a short jetty as far as I’m concerned. If Stuff’s hatred of Trump induces them to tell outright lies, what else do they hate and what else are they lying about? In my view, the woes of the world can be laid squarely at the feet of the media via their partisan or non-reporting of world events. As an example, why do they (Stuff) report negatively on a daily basis about Trump but never on the failure of Socialist Venezuela? Well, I think we know the answer to that, actually. end quote.

Completely agree, Dave, particularly this week. Stuff has now outed itself as anti free speech and anti freedom of expression. For a mainstream media outlet in a benign and sophisticated western country, this is truly disgraceful.

So thank you,?Dave of the West Bank???for your thoughtful and measured contributions to our blog, even if you have had to take a break recently. Don’t worry Dave – just go and have a look on Twitter and see how many people, usually conservatives, are either banned outright or shadow banned on there. You would feel right at home.

Here is a token of appreciation from the amazing Technomage:


And here is what happened the first time Dave asked the moderators to let him back in:

It’s OK, Dave. Time in the cooler is good. Character building and all that.

Another week beckons. Let’s make it a good one.