Face of the day

Nellie Miller, 4 (left) and Isla Miller, 8, are preparing for their fourth move in 12 months due to their parents’ landlords selling the property. Photo / Paul Taylor

While the Labour-led government continues to refuse to take responsibility for the shrinking rental market, and the increasing cost of rent the cause and effect is very clear to those affected by it.

“Right now, I know that most of us facing potential homelessness just want landlords buying, not selling. We don’t really care how fancy the house is.”

Something needed to be done about the situation for all parties involved in the rental market, she said.

“We need to encourage landlords to hold on to property- they’re selling up like flies. I would also like to see some ethical solutions for both tenants and landlords.”

Tenancies War spokesman Mike Butler, of Hawke’s Bay, said there were too many restrictions for property owners.

“The Government has brought all this on itself by these silly proposals and tenants are already paying the price.

“There are the proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act that would prevent owners from ending tenancies, ban fixed-term tenancies, allow tenants to modify a property, allow tenants to keep pets, and enable government officials to enter boarding houses at any time.”

Extra standards for rental properties under the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act would also result in an estimated cost of $7000 per property to landlords.

The Government should “take a step back” and let the market restore balance for renters and owners.

Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford, however, pointed out that while rents were going up in some parts of New Zealand, they had been rising for the past five years.

“The reason they are going up is a lack of supply. The Coalition Government inherited a shortfall of 71,000 houses across the country after nine years of neglect by the former National government.

“National is simply scaremongering by suggesting landlords are selling up. Corelogic data shows that landlords purchased 38 per cent of properties in October, which is consistent with the past two years ? there has been no change in landlord activity.

“To make life better for renters, we’ve already legislated to abolish letting fees and are looking at limiting rent increases to once per year and providing security of tenure as part of our Residential Tenancies Act reform.

“Our Government is firmly focused on building our way out of the national housing crisis through policies like KiwiBuild and building 6400 public houses over the next four years.”

-NZ Herald