Let’s compare capitalism & socialism

Credit: Luke

Western democracy is flawed but it has worked extremely well in New Zealand, at least until the last election.

The current socialist NZ government?s utopian mantra is based on the Marxist premise of a controlled globalist society; perfect for the ruling elite, but not for the majority.

History shows that zealotry can inflict unspeakable evil whether implemented forcibly by the hammer (and sickle), or by stealth, for example, through the mainstream media. It can promote a change from a reasonably safe but flawed political system to one having an ideology that was the most significant cause of death and destruction in the twentieth century. Millions of people were destroyed by the socialist Marxist revolutions in Russia and China, and there was the genocide of 6 million Jews by the German NAZI Third Reich.

Creating and encouraging victimhood is a great tool for the Marxist socialists. A sense of ?victimhood? is increasingly promoted through social media and the MSM. New Zealand’s ?victims? are encouraged by the Coalition of Losers so the coalition may garner yet more votes come election time.

Perceiving oneself as a victim certainly makes a person feel unhappy and angry. This does nothing to remedy the situation, it just guarantees avoidance of confronting the real causes of the person’s unhappiness and anger. It is always easier to blame others. People who assume a victim mentality are immature, lacking both intellect and empathy. It takes maturity to make constructive choices, to take control of your life, to try to understand and to stop wallowing in self-pity.

What drives the Coalition of Losers to encourage victimhood, besides the PM’s virtue signalling aimed at getting a posting to the United Nations?

The PM’s attachment to a cause, or whatever inspires her, be it greed or warped socialist evangelism, is a powerful force when backed by the media.

The socialists’ perceived power for ?the good? could ultimately be evil if the person or government in charge does not understand any real ?meaning of life?.

What enhances governance?? Understanding as opposed to knowing!

Knowledge can be incredibly valuable, but knowledge does not necessarily beget wisdom.

The New Zealand Coalition of Losers government have proved by their actions that they do not have understanding, honesty, knowledge or wisdom.

This government is ?following directions?, creating a nanny state with the aid of the MSM and encouraged by the lax, socialist parliamentary opposition. The coalition openly makes decisions or ?Captain’s Calls? without accountability. It is almost a dictatorship of wolves controlling the New Zealand sheep.

Critical thinkers believe that capitalism, with its free market and profit motive, produces the best results.

Socialism produces many more selfish individuals and a far more selfish society than a free market economy.

Once this widespread selfishness catches on, it is almost impossible to put it into reverse gear and it becomes an intergenerational legacy.

Some people need benefits. I personally know a woman who has been on a sickness benefit for most of her life and would have been destitute without it. She appreciates the care but feels a little less of a person because she has had to exist on welfare.

I recall as a youth experiencing the excitement of becoming a mature independent adult as soon as possible; I went flatting at age seventeen. Currently, more and more young people remain at home until their mid-30s. What kind of intergenerational message does that send?

In the ?welfare nanny state?, taking care of yourself is no longer a virtue. Why? Because the government will take care of you.

Consequently, socialism enables the lazy to become more and more self-centred. How many benefits will I receive from the government? Will the government pay for my university education? How many weeks of paid paternity or maternity leave are we entitled to and so on and so on, until each of the entitlements becomes a ?right?.

Entitlements create voters who lack character. One aspect of character, in particular that which fosters a healthy society, is gratitude.

Can we be happy if we are not grateful? Can we be a better person if we are not grateful? When I was a child my mother used to emphasise to me when I received anything, ?Now say thank you Max? and I still say,”thank you” all these years later.

Socialist entitlement undoes gratitude because why would anyone be grateful for receiving an entitlement?

The appreciative term ?thank you? withers on the vine as the voters of the welfare state are taught to say, ?What more am I entitled to?? “If I can?t get more, it?s not fair” ?What victim card can I play?? and even ?How many labour strikes can we initiate??

Before the last New Zealand election, the Left insisted that capitalism and the free market produce selfish people and poverty and that capitalism had failed.

In reality, capitalism and the free market produce more generous people, financial liquidity, economic long-term growth and a rainy-day fund for when disaster strikes.

Setting an example for people to work hard, to rely on themselves, to take care of others and enjoy the satisfaction of earning what they receive, produces fewer selfish people. Capitalism teaches people to be entrepreneurial and to work more enterprisingly.

Socialism teaches people to demand more free stuff and be reliant on the government for purely selfish vote-catching reasons. Unfortunately, socialism is currently the mantra on both sides of the house.

Which attitude do you think will make a better future society, socialism or capitalism?