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WWII aviation safety poster issued by the U.S. Air Force

Whale Oil moderators are pulling their hair out for today’s MOTD is……by definition…….not a map at all?

However, it does illustrate the role maps play in our lives especially when frolicking in an aeroplane during a worldwide conflict. Normally pilots have an A to B destination focus, however, issues start when they land at a C.

The poster features a soldier in warm-weather gear standing in front of a fighter labeled ?Desert Patrol.? Bemused and shivering, he stands calf-deep in snow, while Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo look on happily from behind an igloo. The caption reads ?They cheer when you forget your maps.?

In January 1943 the?Air Force?established a Directorate of Air Traffic and Safety with the mission of overseeing domestic flight operations, with responsibilities including flight control, flying safety and safety education. During the War it issued a series of sixteen ?They Cheer? educational posters aimed at aviators. All used caricatures of Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo cheering as American pilots made careless errors. The posters included for example?They Cheer When You Ignore the Red-Lined Speed!,?They Cheer When You Don?t Maintain Flying Speed!,?and?They Cheer When You Try Foolhardy Stunts!

The style and tone of the poster are reminiscent of a series of posters issued in 1942 by the Army?s Map-Chart Division, the first of which is titled?Maps Are Weapons.